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not booting

  1. J

    Pc turns on but there is no signal on the monitor and the keyboard isn't working

    Hi! We recently had a power outage at our home. After that I tried to turn on my pc and the cpu fan, all the other system fans and the gpu started spinning but my monitor did not receive any signal and my mouse and keyboard didn't light up. I also had the same issue a few days prior where my pc...
  2. J

    Reset Gaming Pc nothing works

    Hello, so I reset my NZXT gaming Pc because I had a weird glitch with a Windows 11 update but before I reset I thought deleting a majority of the files was a good idea so it would clean faster and reset faster so when I rest I log back in and now I can’t access my C drive and it’s tell me I have...
  3. C

    Windows computer not booting up

    Hello! The other day I was on my Windows PC and the power went out, while I was using it. After this, it turned on then back off very fast. I thought it would be no big deal. When the power came back on, I tried booting up my PC, but it would not boot. Just a black screen. There is also an...
  4. Camfire

    My Drive doesn't boot anymore

    It been two days, it started my brothers newly installed windows not wanting to download microsoft office to his and my computers not wanting to boot. I have gpt drive(C) which doesn't boot in uefi & legacy mode (Have a MSI motherboard) It was booting fine until last night, until i had my...
  5. Yoni77

    My computer wont turn on what to do?

    Hi! I have a gaming pc that served me well for about half a year, today i tried to turn on my pc and nothing happed i thought there was something wrong with the power button so i switched it with the reset button and it didnt work, what should i do?
  6. itsmadman22

    PC will not boot using dual channel memory but works fine in single channel.

    The other night I was installing my new cpu (i9 9900k), coming from an i7 8700. I knew that all of the hardware in my system was listed to be compatible with this upgrade so I just made sure I got the latest BIOS update and completed the install. However, for some reason after switching to the...
  7. H


    Hey, so today I was updating my laptop drivers then my laptop just froze then I restarted it. When I restarted it I went into windows advance option then I just reset my computer. Then when I was resetting it then it was on the ASUS logo loading with the dots for a while. So, I shut it down and...
  8. Bramtb

    put pc back together doesnt boot

    Hello, Today I was cleaning my brothers pc and had to get some in and out. After putting it back together the pc wont boot anymore. It does not recognize (or power) any other usb devices and also wont give me any display. (it might be noting that the hdd and fans are getting power) Ive dubble...
  9. passwurd

    Solved What's wrong with my Desktop? Windows 10 won't boot after update

    So I was shutting down my computer and it did an automatic update, and I left to go do something. I came back with my brother on it and unable to Boot Windows 10, it just takes me to the UEFI Bios Screen, I don't think it's hardware, and apparently it happen while my brother was on the computer...