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  1. Stteffann

    Can anyone help me sound problems on HP dc7800 tower PC (Ubuntu 16)? I bought this for 15€ and it turns out you can't install W7 or newer Windows without updating BIOS. I have no idea how complex that is, and I was scared...
  2. D

    Sound System stopped working after connecting a new Monitor

    I have already asked this question a lot but was never able to get a working answer. So my old monitor was connected using VGA, my new one has built-in speakers and uses HDMI. Now, my PC only plays sound through this Monitor although I would rather use my sound system. I've already tried the...
  3. B

    No more sound/Audio Jack Glitch

    I was cleaning my computer the other day to take care of some dust etc. I used an air can to get most of the dust off(turned off my PC/unplugged the power cord) I had to unhook some cables from the mobo and reattach them to their proper place. Now I turn on my PC and plug in my Studio Monitor...
  4. AugustusCaesar

    Samsung TV no sound after third Oculus Setup

    Hello, I have the following Problem: Yesterday I got an Oculus Rift as a present. I installed it with no problem. Since my PC has only one HDMI slot, I had to use an Displayport to HDMI Adapter for my Samsung TV I use as a Monitor. Usually it is connected through the HDMI Slot. Now I had to...
  5. Johnathon Patterson

    No sound coming through AUX jack!?

    I had a pretty bad malware infection a couple days ago which was since solved. This is a separate issue. Not sure if the malware damaged any of my hardware or drivers but, all of a sudden, I'm not able to use headphones in my laptops AUX jack. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers...