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  1. H

    Mouse horizontal sensitivity is about twice as high as vertical

    Hello, I'm not sure what to do anymore so I thought I ask here in case anybody can help me. My problem is that my mouse X sens in games feels about twice as high as Y sens. This is most noticeable in shooters and happens ( so far ) in Unreal games, Unity games and Overwatch 2. Usually I edit the...
  2. D

    Mouse side buttons not working

    Hi, so I just bough a HP omen essential gaming mouse, and it's great apart from the side button (the forward one) doesn't register. the back one works fine however. I am going to ask for a replacement but I was hoping someone on here could help me first. Thanks in advance!
  3. jisaacson428

    Solved Mouse is Lagging on Second Monitor

    Hi, I'm having an issue where the mouse cursor is lagging or jumping while I navigate my second monitor. This only seems to happen whenever I hover over clickable elements like search bars and buttons. My main monitor does not have this issue. My main monitor is a 31.5" 1440p and my secondary...