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  1. KatxD

    Pc shuts down or does not turn on

    Hello everyone, I am relatively new when it comes to computers so I apologize for every mistakes I might make. I have built my first pc about six weeks ago and everything was working fine until about two weeks ago. Now it randomly shuts down when I'm gaming (CS:GO, The Witcher etc.), sometimes...
  2. E

    Mobo Damage, PLEASE HELP

    Hey, so since my msi ge62 6qf ran out of warranty I’ve opened it up a few times to do some mods such as increase ram and replace thermal paste with liquid metal. All projects have gone to plan and haven’t had any issues until one of my fan bearings went. In the process of changing out my fans I...
  3. Makalama

    How to connect?

    Hi guys. When I was cleaning my computer i found out 2 cables that I can't attach to anything on motherboard. I need fast help. Also can u check the rest cables if they are connected properly?
  4. H

    Dead GPU or PCIe

    hey i need some help to know what happened to my pc . so basically i upgraded my pc before 3 or 4 month ago except my GPU GTX 980TI so everything was working fine . the problem happened to me i was playing a game and i left my room for 5 min i came back both of my screens was black and there is...
  5. K

    Solved PC won't boot, Dram led red

    Hey guys! After a fire in my apartment I had to rebuild my PC. Fortunately only the case suffered, I tested the HD and the SSD at a friend's and both are perfectly fine. I bought a new case and a new PSU (just to be sure), and after rebuilding the whole thing, the PC won't work. At first, it...
  6. G

    My New Build won’t let me use my new hdd for boot up

    I recently built a new PC and after a couple hours building it as I’m new to this I made sure everything was right and I was and still as I’ve about quadruple checked and everything connected where it should be. I turn it on and when I starts it tells me “reboot and please select proper boot...
  7. J

    Motherboard does not recognize

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus ROG G501vW laptop. This model has 2 ram memories of 8GB each, but recently one of them stopped being recognized by the motherboard. I took my laptop to a technician and he said that nothing could be done, because the problem was the motherboard. He tested taking...
  8. Djan1999

    Solved Need help with motherboard problem

    So yesterday I bought components for new build. Everything went fine I put everything yogethet and before putting in gpu and pluging it to monitor and all i tryed test boot to see if everything works and i get normal boot fans turn on and everything and all looked good so i turned it off with...
  9. A

    PC audio+visual stutters & boot failure

    Hey folks, I have the following problem: on my gaming PC (specs below) I sometimes get frame drops and audio distortion ('metallic', choppy sound) while in-game (Overwatch, Shadow of the Tomb Raider). The issue persists even if I quit the game, a reboot (usually, at times you need several)...
  10. Patrick92

    Solved PC won't turn on, fans and LED's starts for a second then everything turns off.

    The previous day to this post an electrician came over to install ceiling fans and in doing so he turned the power off so without me knowing I tried to turn my pc on and it did what it is doing now, the fans run and leds for about half a second then die. The thing is I had the problem yesterday...
  11. M

    Solved PC only boots with both RAM sticks after booting with 1

    If I start the PC with both 4GB sticks first, it gets stuck in a loop of almost booting up and shutting down again. I have to boot it up with only one stick first ,then shut it down and boot again with both. After this the PC works like normal, until I shut it down or put it in sleep-mode. It...
  12. joshyjames

    Solved PC Randomly Stuttering

    I upgraded my pc about 3 1/2 months ago to an r5 2600x, new 3200 ddr4 memory, and a gigabyte x470 aorus gaming ultra motherboard. Ever since then my pc has had these random stutters that seem to occur when I'm doing pretty much anything. it lasts just long enough for me to notice the screen...
  13. H


    I recently deep cleaned my pc and i turned my pc on to see one of my ram sticks was half in with one of the sides not pushed in, i turned off my pc and pushed the side back into my motherboard and turned on my pc so far everything is fine. Is there any chance i couldve damaged my pc and is there...
  14. M

    Upgrading PC

    Hey guys, I’m looking at getting some advice for upgrading my desktop PC. I Purchased the computer 5 years ago, so it’s started to slow down a bit with a couple parts starting to die. I’m assuming this is the motherboard dying as some of my USB ports are failing or not recognizing anything even...
  15. B

    No more sound/Audio Jack Glitch

    I was cleaning my computer the other day to take care of some dust etc. I used an air can to get most of the dust off(turned off my PC/unplugged the power cord) I had to unhook some cables from the mobo and reattach them to their proper place. Now I turn on my PC and plug in my Studio Monitor...
  16. L

    Pc heavily underperforming

    Hi, about a month ago I build a gaming pc but now it's heavily underperforming. In csgo my framerate is only 45fps when normally it plays on 200-400fps. I benchmarked my pc after that and my cpu and gpu both work fine.Temperature also isn't a problem because, both my gpu and cpu reach a max temp...
  17. C

    Solved Guys plz help, urgent! PC lights up, (keyboard, card, mouse) but no display

    Yesterday everything was fine, I remember I shut it off as normal; I did nothing unusual I can remember. This morning I turn it on, the lights come on like normal, but the logo for the motherboard doesn't show like usual, then the screen goes into sleep mode and so does the keyboard (it has a...
  18. F

    ASUS Maximus VII Ranger | NO POST, Q Code 76, CPU_LED lit bright red

    Hello. I've got my PC a few days ago, it was sent to me from Europe where I used it without any issues for ~2 years. So I built it up 3-4 days ago and it was working perfectly. I needed to move it, so I shut it down, unplugged it, moved it, plugged it back (to the same cord, same power cable)...
  19. Arixxon

    Complex - Drives and Memory randomly disappears, freezes, unable to install windows

    Hello, I have a huge and complex problem. My lame assumption is its caused by Motherboard. But I'm not a pro so I ask you: First, history of the problem: I bought this PC in 2014, after 5 months my software equalizer stopped working so I checked why, and in hardware list my soundcard was listed...