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  1. Ae Iou

    Help me choose please

    I'm a mechanical engineer student and I need a laptop that will preferably last me the whole 4 years plus after when I do my masters, maybe work from home, etc. But I don't know which one to choose between these three: HP Envy x360 15-ey0000ns, Ryzen 7, 16 GB, 512 GB SSD, 15,6", W11 HP Spectre...
  2. G

    Does this device exist?

    I have three monitors that I want to connect to my Desktop, two are dvi/vga and one is dvi/hdmi. If at all possible, I would also like to occasionally connect my work laptop, and use the three monitors and the laptop screen. Is there a device that can do all of that? or will I need two different...
  3. Anthony Vain

    Solved Worried about Malware tanking performance (Laptop, Windows 10)

    We've had this laptop now for two years, and I've noticed during these last few months that the performance has somewhat tanked. Like earlier today I only had a browser opened, and when I went to file explorer it took a few seconds to open. To add to that, whenever i right click on file explorer...
  4. Chlorine Pentoxide

    Laptop fails to boot after hard shutdown

    Hey guys, Usually I fix all kinds of tech related problems myself without having to post here but this one is really questioning my wits. Context: I was using my MicroOS desktop for casual browsing. I had to rush somewhere so I hard shutdown my computer, packed up and left. The place where I...
  5. Deuxice

    It's impossible for me to reset my laptop

    I got a second-hand Lenovo g40-30 laptop this week and it was good as new but yesterday as I was just browsing through internet then suddenly my desktop background just went white and froze. The screen was unresponsive for more or less an hour so I just shut it down with power button. But the...
  6. A

    My laptop probably has a virus, but I can't find it

    Hello. Over 3 years ago, I got new laptop. But around one year into using it, it would sometimes freeze when doing bit more demanding tasks, and during that time, I also installed Minecraft on it, and played it a bunch for around a year. However, it started getting slighty worse, and with slowly...
  7. J

    Best Gaming Laptops under $1000

    Hello everyone! I want to buy a cheap gaming laptop, because I’m a student so the budget can’t be too high, the price is about 1000$ , if you have good ideas can recommend to me, thank you very much.