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  1. manu0221

    New(ish) Gaming PC won't stop freezing

    Around the ond of October of 2019, I got a new Gaming PC built up. I never got any problems until recently. These last days I have had some performance problems while playing my games, I've been playing a lot of Fortnite (at first I thought it could be only a problem of Fortnite, but it had...
  2. nakkikoira

    Bluescreen problem

    First of all my english is bad im not native. So, one day i was going to play pubg with my friends. Then when the game was downloading my headset went deaf and i got bluescreen. And averytime after that i couldn't go to play pubg or fortnite it did the same thing and excatly the same bluescreen...
  3. S

    Random stuttering and performance issues

    I am currently experiencing strange performance issues such as stuttering and audio crackles when running certain programs or apps. For example whenever I re-enter lobbies in online games and more frustratingly when I am watching something on Netflix on Microsoft Edge. (I recently heard that...
  4. Robertart

    2 games suddenly lagging (low fps) !?

    My problem is the following: I was away from my PC for about 3 days. Everything was working fine before that. When I returned to my PC and started up either of those 2 games, they were suddenly lagging to an extent that they were unplayable. To take note of, is that these games didn't ever lag...
  5. E

    Good pc, tons of lag spikes on fortnite

    I have a good pc that can run practically every game well but fortnite has lag spikes for no reason sometimes. I even put it at minimum settings and its not any better. If anyone know what is wrong i would really appreciate the help.
  6. L

    lag spikes during online games (and while streaming etc.)

    It happens quite randomly, sometimes not at all during a 5 minute game (Rocket League), other times I will have occasional lag spikes that make the experience unbearable. I have issues with lag spikes in other games and while streaming shows sometimes as well. I recently ran some ping checks...
  7. E

    Computer Switches Off By Itself Shortly After Switching On

    When the computer is turned on, it typically works fine and smoothly. From time to time, the computer will stutter, seen mainly with the lagging cursor. After about 5 - 10 minutes or so, the monitors lose connection and the message 'No Signal' appears on the screens. The system unit, which seems...
  8. V

    Huge issue with applications and games stuttering on windows 10

    Hello there, I will try to explain my issue as best as I can. Yesterday my pc updated to the latest windows 10 update the creators one. Everything worked fine until nvidia experience messed up and some games had direct X issues. But more importantly the main issue I am having is that when i...