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  1. thetinfoiltitan

    Solved Internet is only slow on my new Laptop (Wifi or Ethernet)

    Hi there, So I recently purchased a laptop that arrived two days ago. This laptop is what I would regard as a pretty decent gaming laptop, an ASUS DASH F15 2021. The laptop itself is fast, booting programmes and games is quick and easy. The issue I am getting is from my internet speeds. At...
  2. sebastian.meckovski

    Mysterious internet speed issues

    I have fresh 6 months old self-built PC. I use the ethernet cable connection on my PC and other devices are connected on Wi-Fi to the same router. Normal internet speed is up to 72Mbit/s. I have internet speed issues since earlier today. Here are some interesting facts: Download speed measured...
  3. L

    good internet slow on computer?

    I have decent wifi but discord calls and videogames are unusable. discord calls will cut out on both ends. whenever I play any online game I get rubber banding and lag spikes. i tested the wifi speeds and the results were: 39ms ping, 34.4Mbps download, 7.48Mbps upload. the internet runs a little...
  4. J

    Aus: Internet Upgrade

    This is aimed at my fellow Aussies, but anyone in the know about our infrastructure and ISPs would be welcome. Our home internet is unbearably slow ( tells me my dl speed is 2.21Mbps) and has been for years. Lately though it seems to fluctuate wildly and never for the better. Not...
  5. Chromlyy

    Internet slow only on this PC fine on everything else (phone, tablet, etc...)

    This has been happening and just realized now that it is not my ISP (comcast). I pay for a 75 mbps plan and usually get around 80. All of the sudden a few months ago my internet went to ****. Like 8 mbps and under. I have heard of the AMD QuickStream but i have nothing amd and already tried to...