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  1. E

    Pending OP Response Computer Randomly Restarts (No BSOD)

    I'm not entirely sure which topic to post this under but crashes seems to be a half decent shot. So I built this PC around 4 months ago now and it was working perfectly fine with no issues up until around 1-2 weeks ago when suddenly it just decides to restart while I'm using it. At the time I...
  2. C

    Pending OP Response Bios help.

    Hi I own a HP Pavilion p6-2143w desktop when I try and upgrade the bios on windows 10 it reverts back to the old bios all other dirvers work just fine on windows 10 is there any way to get around this because alot of games use SSID and I cant play them if you could help me I would greatly...
  3. B

    PC only boots without GPU, using iGPU

    i am having a problem with my pc. i have a gtx 1060 6gb, and an i5 6600k, but my pc doesnt boot when my gpu is connected to the system, and will only boot via my iGPU from my i5 6600k, this has only started to happen recently, and i dont know if my GPU has a problem, help:( When i have my 1060...
  4. F

    Solved When I press Alt Gr on my Acer Aspire GX-281 it turns the volume all the way down.

    When I press the Alt Gr key on my Acer Aspire GX-281 it just turns the volume all the way down, and therefore I am not able to type @, or do anything which includes Alt Gr. Any and all help will be appreciated. :) -Anton
  5. G

    Audio Mixer

    Hi, I don't really have an issue that's really bad but I just need some help in figuring something out. Anyway, I want to connect a mixer board to windows 10 but for the sliders to control individual programs instead of the whole system. Bassicaly a physical form of the Windows Volume Mixer. I...
  6. S

    Black Screen Desktop

    Hello. After unexpected system shutdown, I can't load desktop( blackscreen only) and there goes dll files errors - userenv.dll, RpcRtRemote.dll, config/systemprofile/Desktop - cant find file. Sfc /scannow won't work. Same situation in safe mode too. I already tried to reinstall these files but...
  7. Alek

    Solved PC Freezing while playing games

    Hey, Recently I have been getting a screen like the one I linked and I don't have any idea why. I did a bench mark test for my pc and got a score of 3000 on valley benchmark if that helps at all. I have gotten a CPU fan and a GPU fan to keep my temperatures down and since that they haven't gone...
  8. C

    PC isn't posting after failed CPU upgrade

    I have a HP Compaq office PC and i wanted to upgrade the processor. (compaq presario cq5720f) I accidentally ordered the wrong type of CPU for my CPU socket.( AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300, FD4300WMHKBOX) (AM3+ processor for an AM3 socket) . Obviously the processor didn't work and nothing...
  9. E

    Good pc, tons of lag spikes on fortnite

    I have a good pc that can run practically every game well but fortnite has lag spikes for no reason sometimes. I even put it at minimum settings and its not any better. If anyone know what is wrong i would really appreciate the help.
  10. AgGentleman

    PC Case Cables

    Sorry for the NOOB question, but im new to PC's and i recently got a new case (Cooler Master MasterBox Q300L ) and moved my PC parts into it. all good until i was just about finished the cable management when i realised my motherboard did not have the correct port for the usb and hd audio...
  11. whill

    Virtual Private Network

    Hello, Guys, I am user of ExpressVPN and new user of VPN recetly subscribe and purchase trial account of 30 day to check the services. it has provide 3 multi logins and still working perfect but when I setup OpenVPN on my Android it is not working I don't want to use app. I fellow step from this...
  12. G

    Please Help. Stopcode and PC won't reset

    I upgraded to a 1070 graphics card yesterday from a 670. I played a couple games no problem but then my PC completely powered off during a game. When I turned it back on, it started updating (I had an update scheduled for not in use hours), but crashed and got the BSOD stopcode 0xc000021a. It...
  13. L

    Pc heavily underperforming

    Hi, about a month ago I build a gaming pc but now it's heavily underperforming. In csgo my framerate is only 45fps when normally it plays on 200-400fps. I benchmarked my pc after that and my cpu and gpu both work fine.Temperature also isn't a problem because, both my gpu and cpu reach a max temp...
  14. M

    PC crashes with buzzing sound while gaming

    Hey Guys I hope someone here can help me. My PC crashes regularly while gaming (usually when there's a transition between gameplay and menue/loadingscreen). There's no Bsod, but a buzzing sound coming from the speakers. I have to shut down my PC manually. I've read tons of forum posts and tried...
  15. L

    Unable to Connect to Internet

    Hello all, I don't know what the exact problem is so I wasn't sure where to post this so here we go. Yesterday night my MSI GT70 laptop was no longer able to connect to the internet. I tried everything, the router was fine as multiple other devices (I have roommates all of who's devices were...
  16. J

    Screen Crashes Black and Unresponsive forcing restart

    I have been having this issue for over a year now, and have been living through it trying to be patient as long as I can until now. My computer monitor will randomly flicker and then crash, and if I'm listening to something when it happens I just hear a buzzing noise in my headphones. The PC...
  17. T

    Trouble with inlay laptop - Please help!

    I have a hp 15-ay039wm laptop. It has an inlay keyboard. I don't know how to get to it to replace it. Or clean it. Some small amount (about a thimble full) of cooking oil spilled in it by accident. It was sunflower oil. Long story. I feel really stupid (please don't rub it in). The PC seems...
  18. roger hawke

    Solved Win7 Startup

    When I switch on PC I get to the desktop in approx. 50-55seconds. I then have to wait about a minute or so for the Internet icon in system tray to show internet access. Why does it take so long? Is it possible to speed this up?
  19. Captain

    Solved Start-up Black Screen Issues With Blinking Underscore (Desktop)

    Hello, I've had PC start-up issues for maybe two months now (I've had the desktop for close to 6 months now possibly) and I figured I should ask for solutions because it clearly won't go away by itself. When I start my PC up sometimes it pops up with a black screen with a blinking underscore...
  20. A

    Solved New Windows 10 PC wifi not working

    I just built a new pc and everything works perfectly, except my wifi. I bought a cheap usb wifi adapter from amazon and it was trash so I returned it and bought a netgear one, It was getting 50mbs down and 5mbs up, it was great, I left it running to download games and applications when I went...