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  1. R

    Solved Trying to upgrade current pc...

    I have a friend that is wanting to upgrade their current pc. I would help but I am not that skilled in this department as I bought a pre-built pc. Current specs below: Intel Core i5-8500 CPU @ 3.00 GHz GIGABYTE H370M D3H GeForce GTX 1050 GPU 8 GB Ram From this what are my friends options...
  2. Payt

    Solved Help part 2 :-/ Monitor no signal, GPU starts then stops.

    I just got my solution to getting my PC started yesterday on this forum but now I have another problem: my monitor says no signal. I also noticed that the GPU would start and then within a minute it would stop(fans.) I reseated the GPU in the other slots and nothing. Checked all wiring and PCIe...
  3. danielelii

    SSD and HDD space optimization

    I as a music producer recently switched to PC from Mac. And I am wondering if it's possible to install Windows 10 on my SSD and my programs, plugins, music packs and such on my HDD. Since my SSD is only 250GB and my HDD is 1TB, I want to store most of my music stuff on the HDD, so that it...
  4. RetroAech

    CPU Temps Looping/Repeating

    Hello! TL:DR - Reapplied Thermal Paste and now my CPU temps are looping/repeating 10 degrees at a time, nonstop at idle. according to third party software. 58c, 57c, 56c, 55c, 54c, 53c, 52c, 51c, 50c, 49c, 48c, 58c, 57c, 56c ... etc My BIOS shows a steady temp. I just built my very first PC...
  5. z-d

    way too many svchost

    recently my pc started to go way slower than it should, like 2 days ago i could run fallout new vegas at 60 fps constant with no problem, but today the fps start to drop below 40 even when just reloading and no enemies on screen or no walking, just re-loading. So i checked my task manager and...
  6. XxGrimReaperxX

    Windows 10 or Rockstar ?

    I’m posting here because I’m at a lost what to do, we (as in wife and I) purchased a Msi Trident 3 for our son(14) for Christmas. First game he wants and downloads in GTA V. Bought a digital copy from GameStop went to Rockstar 9hr download, only for it to say D3Dcompiler_43.dll missing. Me being...
  7. P

    Help me, my computer has begun to suck

    Hi! I need help fixing my pc. It is an intel i5-8600k with an gtx 1080 graphicscard and this settup has worked flawless for a long time up until now. Problems: - Usually high process usage ingame, but also regular tasks like opening google. - Low FPS in a majority of games, usually between...
  8. ShakenCola

    PC almost unusable, cant use Windows StartMenu or any Settings, continuous crashing

    Ive reset and reinstall windows a couple times on this thing, this last time was goin' pretty good for a while Suddenly some minor features start xxxxxxx up, have to reinstall some stuff, no big deal, maybe they just needed a lil extra work. Then crashing starts Game files start going xxxxxxx...
  9. lilbo

    Keyboard problem

    Hello! It's my first time writing on such a forum, because I was able to fix most of my problems just by searching for the right answer on the internet. But not this time, the information I needed was either very old, and didn't work or just didn't work even tho it was pretty recent. So my...
  10. Persiball

    Solved I think Bad Motherboard , HELP!

    Hi, I have a problem with the motherboard , With 8 gb ram 4gb 2X ram starts perfectly but when I install 16 gb ram 4gb 4x ram does not work starts 5 seconds and stops and start doing this to infinity . Motherboard : Gigabyte GA-H97-HD3 has the latest BIOS .... Ram : Corsair Vengeance 8GB DDR3...
  11. M

    Solved Some help with adx,aax,csb - Game sound files

    There is a game where im unpacking sounds. Sounds are packed in Cpk and Csb. There were not many problems with the CPK, but the ones with the csb....Make some troubles. Extracting everything from csb (aax which is then redirected to adx, then to waf and back to CSB), the replaced files in the...
  12. Q

    PC Crashes to Solid Color Screen With Buzzing Audio Noise

    Hello everyone. I have been having an issue with my PC for a while, but I can't find a solid cause or solution. My PC will be working fine one minute, but when I start up a game, a few minutes into playing, the screen will go to a solid color and a buzzing noise will play through the headphones...
  13. Kalsi2

    My pc isnt working.

    There is alot of errors on my pc. Earlier today I tried to turn it on, and then it Just went on and off over and over again by itself. I waited a LITTLE longer, tried to turn it on again. This time it went on but usb and none of screen ports were working. I turned it off and on again, now it...
  14. J

    Please help pc keeps turning off

    -I recently just built this system and it keeps turning its self off. Im guessing its a CPU issue because it seems to only turnoff when the CPU is under load. At first i thought cooling was the reason but the CPU would regularly be between 40-50 Celsius, then i would start the game and then boom...
  15. H

    PC apps shut down randomly making it unable to reopen properly, forcing a restart to be normal

    Just like the title, my computer runs fine, but for an "x" amount of time it will automatically shut down most of my applications in use. With me trying to reopen said applications and never really opening like they did before. But to open properly it would require a simply restart and...
  16. Makalama

    How to connect?

    Hi guys. When I was cleaning my computer i found out 2 cables that I can't attach to anything on motherboard. I need fast help. Also can u check the rest cables if they are connected properly?
  17. Legenda

    Solved Weird red circle

    I loaded up my pc and i just got this very weird red circle in the middle of my screen. It's getting in the way of everything. Any help?
  18. M

    random blackscreens

    Hello , while im playing games everything its okey , but when im in windows and i watch some videos im getting random blackscreens for 3-4 in different intervals . I have this issue one week since i bought new monitor zowie by benq xl2411p , my graphic card is geforce gtx 1050 . Like i said it...
  19. EspurrTGreat

    Weird Crashes and Errors

    I have recently built a mineral oil pc and the first day it worked fine with now errors. However now ever since the cooling fan became detached and I installed a new one it has been extremely unstable. Every OS I have on there has been crashing including Debian. Windows comes back with the...