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  1. R

    Help, my PC crashes when I play certain games

    So around October last year my PC started crashing randomly when playing certain games, like completely shuts off, and then it won't turn back on for like 10-20 minutes AND I have to power cycle it. But this only happens when the ambient temp in my room is warm and when the game is seemingly...
  2. M

    Issue with my boot.

    I have an issue when turning on my pc. The asus mobo logo appears but the little circle that spins does not appear. My pc will only boot to my bios, and it says that there is no hard drive connected, however, my hard drive is connected to both the motherboard and psu (obviously) it also says...
  3. P

    Hello i'm having trouble installing windows 10 on a new/used pc i built

    i was trying to install windows 10 on a new PC and when i click next after picking my hard drive it gave me an error 0x800f0954 which has something to do with .net framework im new to pc's and just need anyone's advice on this problem i have
  4. L

    Computer freezes then gets more stable over time

    I purchased a huawei matebook D 14 AMD and when I first bought it it would start freezing, it did this for a while and slowly got more stable overtime until it was basically completely stable. Now when huawei pushed a bios update, the computer has begun to freeze up randomly again just like it...
  5. D

    Solved PSU failing ?

    Hello there. A few months ago bought PC that was built in 2015 but still worked fine. Now there is a problem that I have been facing since the beginning. First games I installed were AC: Brotherhood (2010) and AC4: Black Flag. The problem was after around ten minutes of gameplay in brotherhood...
  6. M

    Pc power problem, help needed

    Hey there, I've got a puzzle here; hopefully someone can help me out. I had the same problem in the past and bought a new power cable and replaced my videocard. For a couple of months the problem was fixed. But again my pc sometimes does and sometimes doesn't turn on. There's always power; the...
  7. S

    Random stuttering and performance issues

    I am currently experiencing strange performance issues such as stuttering and audio crackles when running certain programs or apps. For example whenever I re-enter lobbies in online games and more frustratingly when I am watching something on Netflix on Microsoft Edge. (I recently heard that...
  8. T

    Flashing on and off at startup

    Hey all! I plugged my computer in and wiped the drive before selling it, turned it off and unplugged it. The buyer took it home turned it on and would boot up and down over and over Whats going on? It begins to boot up and shuts down then repeats Thank you :) (Cant figure out how to attach a video)
  9. B

    RAM slot not registering

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 series Hi all, I just recently picked up two 16 GB sticks of RAM for my laptop. After install I loaded the BIOS and it registered the increase from 8GB to 16GB in DIMM Slot A but didn't in DIMM Slot B. I tried switching the sticks into the opposite slots to no avail. I...
  10. Djan1999

    Solved Need help with motherboard problem

    So yesterday I bought components for new build. Everything went fine I put everything yogethet and before putting in gpu and pluging it to monitor and all i tryed test boot to see if everything works and i get normal boot fans turn on and everything and all looked good so i turned it off with...
  11. Okama

    Weird undetectable malware

    Okay so I'm quite a noob on this whole computer thing, so I don't know where to find the logs or even what specs my computer has. It's an RoG, so it's supposed to be quite resistant, with McAfee SafeSearch to protect my browser and Avast if needed. I have this weird thing happening since a week...
  12. V

    Solved Video Scheduler Internal Error black screen crashes

    Hello, my pc is blackscreening after 5 to 10 mins into a game. VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR (119) is the minidump analysis on the crashes. However, most of the time the pc does not crash the game simply loops audio and the screens turn off. i am positive this is not a cable or monitor error. I...
  13. E

    Solved Computer Randomly Restarts (No BSOD)

    I'm not entirely sure which topic to post this under but crashes seems to be a half decent shot. So I built this PC around 4 months ago now and it was working perfectly fine with no issues up until around 1-2 weeks ago when suddenly it just decides to restart while I'm using it. At the time I...
  14. C

    Bios help.

    Hi I own a HP Pavilion p6-2143w desktop when I try and upgrade the bios on windows 10 it reverts back to the old bios all other dirvers work just fine on windows 10 is there any way to get around this because alot of games use SSID and I cant play them if you could help me I would greatly...
  15. B

    PC only boots without GPU, using iGPU

    i am having a problem with my pc. i have a gtx 1060 6gb, and an i5 6600k, but my pc doesnt boot when my gpu is connected to the system, and will only boot via my iGPU from my i5 6600k, this has only started to happen recently, and i dont know if my GPU has a problem, help:( When i have my 1060...
  16. F

    Solved When I press Alt Gr on my Acer Aspire GX-281 it turns the volume all the way down.

    When I press the Alt Gr key on my Acer Aspire GX-281 it just turns the volume all the way down, and therefore I am not able to type @, or do anything which includes Alt Gr. Any and all help will be appreciated. :) -Anton
  17. G

    Audio Mixer

    Hi, I don't really have an issue that's really bad but I just need some help in figuring something out. Anyway, I want to connect a mixer board to windows 10 but for the sliders to control individual programs instead of the whole system. Bassicaly a physical form of the Windows Volume Mixer. I...
  18. S

    Black Screen Desktop

    Hello. After unexpected system shutdown, I can't load desktop( blackscreen only) and there goes dll files errors - userenv.dll, RpcRtRemote.dll, config/systemprofile/Desktop - cant find file. Sfc /scannow won't work. Same situation in safe mode too. I already tried to reinstall these files but...
  19. Alek

    Solved PC Freezing while playing games

    Hey, Recently I have been getting a screen like the one I linked and I don't have any idea why. I did a bench mark test for my pc and got a score of 3000 on valley benchmark if that helps at all. I have gotten a CPU fan and a GPU fan to keep my temperatures down and since that they haven't gone...
  20. C

    PC isn't posting after failed CPU upgrade

    I have a HP Compaq office PC and i wanted to upgrade the processor. (compaq presario cq5720f) I accidentally ordered the wrong type of CPU for my CPU socket.( AMD FX 4-Core Black Edition FX-4300, FD4300WMHKBOX) (AM3+ processor for an AM3 socket) . Obviously the processor didn't work and nothing...