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  1. H

    Updated motherboard and now graphic is awful

    Hello.. I was wondering if you can tell me your opinion: I had and Intel i7 with 16GB ram that was working fine until it stopped one day. I got told the fens were too tight and they cracked something and need a new motherboard and CPU. I trusted the professional but when I got the PC back it...
  2. C

    Game looks 10x better in fullscreen borderless

    Upon playing the new Call of duty i set my graphic settings to the usual full screen accompanied by my normal screen res. Looked horrific. Went over and tried fullscreen borderless and it looks amazing. Cranked up the render resolution and watched gpu and CPU temps and all looked well. Dont know...
  3. Robertart

    2 games suddenly lagging (low fps) !?

    My problem is the following: I was away from my PC for about 3 days. Everything was working fine before that. When I returned to my PC and started up either of those 2 games, they were suddenly lagging to an extent that they were unplayable. To take note of, is that these games didn't ever lag...