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  1. D

    Open PSU failing ?

    Hello there. A few months ago bought PC that was built in 2015 but still worked fine. Now there is a problem that I have been facing since the beginning. First games I installed were AC: Brotherhood (2010) and AC4: Black Flag. The problem was after around ten minutes of gameplay in brotherhood...
  2. D

    PC Laptop for Gaming under $500?

    I own an expensive Macbook Pro required for my college, but I have become increasingly frustrated with the amount of games Mac OS X does not support. Because of this, I want to buy a PC laptop STRICTLY for gaming, so I don't want to drop a large sum of money on it. However, I've been doing...
  3. Robertart

    2 games suddenly lagging (low fps) !?

    My problem is the following: I was away from my PC for about 3 days. Everything was working fine before that. When I returned to my PC and started up either of those 2 games, they were suddenly lagging to an extent that they were unplayable. To take note of, is that these games didn't ever lag...
  4. M

    Every game I launch Crashes?

    I built this gaming PC about a month ago and it runs pretty well for internetting, but every game I launch just crashes within a minute or less. For example I will try to launch Player unknowns battlegrounds from steam or discord and a crash reporter message pops up and reads "A PLAYER UNKNOWNS...
  5. dannyd3942

    Best antivirus+ antimalware software

    So I was researching virus protection software after messing up my PC and realized that for my laptop I would need antivirus software but also antimalware software, I'm leaning towards Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and Malwarebytes Has anyone ever used these and would they recommend them or would...
  6. dannyd3942

    EVGA SC15

    So I decided to buy the EVGA sc15 over various different laptops and was just wondering has anyone previously owned this laptop or have any experience with it?
  7. dannyd3942

    Lenovo vs HP vs MSI

    So I'm making my final decision on which laptop to buy, my 3 choices are:
  8. dannyd3942

    Totally confused on which laptop to buy

    So I've got a shortlist of 3 laptops:
  9. dannyd3942

    Buying a laptop?

    So I've been looking to buy a laptop as I start university in September and my shortlist comes to:
  10. E

    Good pc, tons of lag spikes on fortnite

    I have a good pc that can run practically every game well but fortnite has lag spikes for no reason sometimes. I even put it at minimum settings and its not any better. If anyone know what is wrong i would really appreciate the help.
  11. C

    Solved Computer Crash While Gaming

    Recently i've started getting constant crashes while gaming, they are completely random too, it seems. My screen suddenly gets filled completely with vertical lines of random colors and a very loud - and unpleasant - sounds plays (not in the hardware, but trough the speakers), shortly after...
  12. J

    Best Gaming Laptops under $1000

    Hello everyone! I want to buy a cheap gaming laptop, because I’m a student so the budget can’t be too high, the price is about 1000$ , if you have good ideas can recommend to me, thank you very much.
  13. coolhandluke

    Solved AMD 1600x vs. I5-3570k?

    Ok so I sold a build I made a while ago: I5-3570K 8GB Ram AMD Radeon 7850 2GB 1TB SSD This is the currently Build I am using: AMD Ryzen 5 1600x 16GB Ram Sapphire Nitro+ Radeon 580 8GB 1TB SSD The reason why I bring up that specific old build is because I play a lot of counter-strike and that...
  14. Ward

    LOW fps on PUBG with a new gaming laptop

    Hello, My laptop (student/gaming) came in yesterday and I quickly bought PUBG, because my other laptops were pretty bad for gaming. Is there any way to boost my fps or graphics with specific settings? Or is it normal that I only get a max of 30fps (settings on very low). I know PUBG isn't...
  15. N

    Solved CS:GO kicking me from VAC secured servers

    Hello, thank you to anyone who has the interest in helping me. So my issue is that while playing on a VAC-Secured CS:GO server, after a few hours or so I will get kicked saying that something on my PC is blocking VAC. (I attatched a screenshot of the exact message, called screenshot_1.png)...
  16. B

    Bought my first gaming laptop confused about SSD

    I purchased a msi GL62M 7RE-407 and it just came in today. When I read about it online I was under the impression it came with the 256gb m.2 SATA SSD. I looked on the ssd slot and it's empty. I've been looking online for some and apparently there are external and internal SSDs. I'm not sure...
  17. D

    Need help PC Noob

    Alright I have a Dell XPS 7200 pc mostly stock. 8Gb of ram, stock mobo and cpu. EVGA 1060 6 gb is what i recently put in to replace a GTX9800 which blue screened, and also had a Nvidia 580 quadro which ran like crap graphics wise, but did not crash or anything. Since putting in the 1060 my pc...
  18. W


    This is my first question and I have never been apart of a forum before so please bare with me. I have not touched my pc and have fully disconnected it for 3 weeks and I plugged it back in and turned it on and my fps droped by 60. I was getting a smooth 80-100 fps in battlegrounds now I get...
  19. GundyGunner

    Internal Hard Drive Shows Up In Device Manager, But No Where In Disk Management

    I have a WDC 3TB Hard drive in my Computer along with a 120GB SSD in it as well. It is custom built from scratch, this may or may not be the reason since it is my first build. My computer recognizes that both drives are working in the computer, it the BIOS and in Device Management, but in Disk...
  20. Allan.T

    Solved Speeding up my P.C?

    Hi, Some may know I'm looking into getting new parts for my PC, whilst I'm waiting for that to happen, I'm wondering if there is anyway to speed up my PC on the software side of things, and I don't mean putting it on wheels and pushing it down the hill haha. I enjoy my games, and my games...