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  1. K

    "Unidentified Network" Appearing For Ethernet

    A couple days ago for some reason my ethernet cut out for no reason. Today I got a new cable and replaced my router when that didn't do anything. Just before, I tried resetting my network settings, power cycled my router and PC, and tried to manually set my IP and DNS for the ethernet but would...
  2. I

    Ethernet doesnt have a valid ip configuration

    I reinstalled windows to my new ssd and deleted all my files and now my internet doesnt work. I tried everything I could find on the net and nothing works
  3. J

    Unsolvable "ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT" Problem...?

    In all my years of owning a computer and browsing the internet, this has been the most persistent, confusing, and unbelievably frustrating problem I have ever encountered. I have never experienced anything like this, and I have never had such profound difficulty diagnosing a computer problem...
  4. Fazal

    Ethernet port issues

    I game on my laptop which is windows 10 asus.It was working pretty good until the ethernet often disconnects and will connect back every 5-10 seconds and sometimes it just works perfectly fine. When it disconnects it goes to wireless and makes weird noises and my latop freezes every 5 seconds...
  5. D

    Connecting wirelessly to a local device via IP address "connection failed"

    Hi I've got a DVR that I have (up until now) been able to access my recordings on using my PC (windows 7). The PC and the DVR are in the same room, along with the router. All I needed to do was enter the IP address of the DVR in to firefox/chrome etc and I had access to all my recordings. I...
  6. D

    Solved Transferring data from device by ethernet by wi-fi; how can I do this?

    Hi I've got a question I've searched all over on the internet but cannot find any answers. I have a DVR and with wi-fi. When I want to transfer the recordings from the DVR I normally just use my PC, type in the IP address of the DVR and download the recordings via wi-fi. The wi-fi has now...
  7. P

    "Ethernet 2 Doesn't have a valid IP configuration"

    So a few days ago, the internet on my desktop simply went out. I troubleshooted it and got a response saying "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration." I searched through forums, tried renewing the DNS, changing connection settings, etc. I came to the conlucusion that the Ethernet did...
  8. nick1234

    Closed/Inactive Desktop ethernet connection stopped working overnight... may be an infection

    I was redirected here by a user in a different channel, who after looking at my MiniToolBox logs, said that he believes there is an infection of some sort causing my computer issues. Back story: My desktop stopped connecting to the internet using my laptop... I don't know why, it happened over...