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  1. georgeks

    Find where your drivers are in Windows 10 2020-01-19

    You do not need any special tools to save your drivers. All you need do is navigate to the Driver Store folder -that's where Windows saves all drivers. Save a copy of it on a separate HDD or USB stick and you're done. After that, if you do a clean installation of Windows just open device...
  2. F

    Issue with Nvidia/Win 10 Display driver

    Hi Im having 3 big problems just trying to install whats necesary for my graphic card... The first one is this: i tought i just needed to use the compatibility mode but it dindt worked... then i tried to use Windows Update to get the last version of win and this happend I said "never mind...
  3. T

    Having issue with Driver NVIDIA 1660

    My pc works nomaly, but when i install gpu driver my screen shows cable not connected and turns off. Please help me, thanks
  4. T

    Audio Issues using audio interface

    Hey there! I'm having some very annoying and frustrating problems with my sound output options on my laptop. I'm a recording musician, and I recently got a new laptop second hand from a friend. It's been factory reset and I've installed my ProTools onto it. I use a usb interface (Avid Fast...
  5. C

    Bios help.

    Hi I own a HP Pavilion p6-2143w desktop when I try and upgrade the bios on windows 10 it reverts back to the old bios all other dirvers work just fine on windows 10 is there any way to get around this because alot of games use SSID and I cant play them if you could help me I would greatly...
  6. BlueTBM

    this is a USB Driver issue it would mean the world to me if you guys could assist me with this

    thing to note: the usb disconnecting sound started happening when i upgraded to 12gb ram this morning, i have corsair vengeance ram and there all 2400mhz my specs are GTX 1050TI MotherBoard: B350M Pro VDH AM4 Socket Ram: 12GB CPU: Ryzen 3 1200 CD ROM: no OK so ive been hearing the...
  7. O

    Several issues with drivers (?)

    My mouse wheel doesn't work and neither do the side buttons. Also, the xbox 360 controller will not work and i have something wrong with graphics drivers (can't play games like fortnite because of "outdated drivers" while the suggested version is the same one installed.) I've tried automatic...
  8. Brandon Byrnes

    Windows Hello not supported on HP ProBook 450 G3?

    Can anyone tell me why Windows Hello isn't supported on my HP ProBook 450 G3? I have a camera and a fingerprint reader, granted I have tried everything to get the fingerprint reader to work but it for some reason doesn't. I am running Windows 10 Pro 64, is it only supported in home editions or...
  9. M

    Realtek HD Audio Controller Not Working

    Hi, So I've been currently trying to fix this problem for over 5 hours straight. Earlier today I got two sudden PC crashes where my entire PC just went to black (completely turned off without warning), and after a few seconds turned back on again, then I took off the side panel of the case and...
  10. R

    Latency issues

    Hello everybody, I have an audio and video problem on my pc. I first started noticing some small deviations on the sync of my audio and video which were a little annoying but not a really big problem. But now i got these really big audio drop outs and this insane 'crackling' noise. I searched a...
  11. C

    Driver's messed up, help me... please

    So my audio is fine but my mic doesnt work and i was messing with drivers and i uninstalled and reinstalled the wrong stuff i dont remember seeing their, my mic is fine because it works on console and other mics wont work on my pc. I would rather not reset my pc and lose everything just to fix...
  12. vger

    Solved HP 15-1033

    Ok my son is trying to downgrade his sisters laptop which has Win 8.1 on it. She says it was working correctly the last time she shut the thing down.. Now.. he is down degrading it to Win 7,but when he started working on it he found that the usb drivers are missing as well as the lan drivers...
  13. Johnathon Patterson

    No sound coming through AUX jack!?

    I had a pretty bad malware infection a couple days ago which was since solved. This is a separate issue. Not sure if the malware damaged any of my hardware or drivers but, all of a sudden, I'm not able to use headphones in my laptops AUX jack. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling drivers...