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driver error

  1. C

    Solved My C driver stops daily

    My C hard drive is stopping while laptop is on, blue screen apearing(needs reboot), i make a reboot, disk not spinning and not recognizable , reboot, the same, reboot ...., after 6-7 times windows 10 is running ok, without data loss, but after random time/random open programms or is nothing...
  2. A

    Missing (E:) and (D:) after memory repair/update on laptop

    Hi there, I need help trying to find missing drives (E and D) on my laptop after it updated or did a memory repair since it has detected a corruption. I've searched online on how to fix this. I already checked Disk management and I think it removed the drives. Anyone know a way to fix this? or...
  3. Johnathon Patterson

    Bluetooth Driver 'State_Power_Failure' Error

    Hello again, great PC doctors. I just did a clean installation of Windows 10 (Creators Update) via Bootable USB. Everything went according to plan. I've installed all* my drivers to my knowledge. I've tried to use the Bluetooth and it didn't work so I checked in Device Manager and the Bluetooth...