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  1. E

    Cant download video!

    Wondering if you guys could help... I have this video I want to download. I have tried a few video downloaders, tried to see the file in "view page source" and tried to record it in "inspect" - "Netwok" but it always reocords some other part of the video. Here is the link. Do you have any ideas...
  2. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Chrome "Failed, Disk Full" Message

    I have tried downloading a file that is around 7 GBs three times now. I am trying to save it to a 64 GB Thumbdrive that has about 14 GBs of free space, but for some reason Chrome has canceled the downloaded saying "Failed, Disk Full" even though I know for a fact that there is still 14 GBs free...
  3. Brandon Byrnes

    Slow download speed

    Hello everyone hopefully you can help me with this problem. I just switched to AT&T U-Verse from Spectrum. With Spectrum I had consistent download speeds of about 4-6 mbps, but with U-Verse its all over the place. But on average i'm only getting about 400 kbps and sometimes slower, in the double...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Trouble Downloading

    My phone is a ZTE N718 running Kitkat 4.4.4, I use Chrome as my browser. I would like to know how to change the download location in Chrome. It says it is saving all DL's to my phones internal storage, but i would like it to save the DL's to my SD Card. I see nothing in Chrome settings to do...
  5. S

    Solved Major ping issues in online games, no noticeable issues with internet otherwise

    Hello there, Over the weekend my connection to online games dropped dramatically. Everything else (youtube, downloads, streams, webpages, etc.) works just as it used to. So far I have tried Updating drivers Clearing cookies/cache Giving said games exceptions through my firewall Closing other...