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  1. C

    No power throughout system

    Hey! So I built my own computer, currently have a Ryzen 5 2600x, 570 Tomahawk, and a new msi GeForce gtx 1660 as well as 16 gigs of ram and an 850w power supply. I was having issues with my old Asus motherboard so I returned it and swapped it out for the 570. However now I am getting no power...
  2. S

    Issues with PC ownership.

    So I am getting a periodic noise from my PC almost like something being tripped. That usual tripped noise. It happens every so often, not like every minute but maybe every hour or so to 30 minutes. I clean it every time. Its an MSI Trident X Plus prebuilt. I spent too much on this and I am...
  3. Epictaco6

    Solved Newly built PC won't connect to the internet

    So I just finished building my first PC this weekend and everything is working great except the internet I've installed the most recent drivers from the motherboard website (MSI Z390-A PRO) and the device manager says they are working. I've tried it on several networks so I know it's not the...
  4. Yqmxh

    Is my pc compatible?

    I put this custom pc together. I just wanna know if I’m missing any necessary components or if everything’s compatible. Can you check the power supply, motherboard, cpu, gpu and ram to see if it’s compatible. (P.S if there’s cheaper versions of these parts can you let me know. Also since the gpu...
  5. C

    1 Supercomputer out of a few junk ones

    I have a friend that just recently showed me his computer setup. He took three laptops and connected them together to form one "super" computer. I wanted to know how one might go about this? What I would like to do is connect my MSI ge apache to one or two other, less powerful computers to...