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  1. M

    I get no signal when i connect two monitors.

    Hello. I was using two monitors. A 32'' msi with displayport, and a asus 24'' with HDMI. They worked as intended, but once i moved to a new apartment, i started having issues with it. So i can connect my 32'' with DP on its own and its working like a charm. I can also do the same on the 24''...
  2. M

    Monitor disconnecting while starting ORIGIN-Games

    Hello guys sorry for my bad english I try my best. My monitor keeps disconnecting if I try to start Origin - Games no matter what. My monitor is connected with a displayport-cable and after starting some game in Origin the monitor goes black and the displayport symbol pops up in the upper left...
  3. C

    VGA to DisplayPort issues

    Hello! My monitor only has a vga port, and is currently connected to the vga port for the cpu of my pc. I want to plug my monitor into my gpu, but there are only displayport and hdmi ports. I have tried both VGA to hdmi, and VGA to displayport, but each time there is no signal to the monitor...
  4. adudethatneedshelp

    Displayport error

    My graphics card does not support displayport and my monitor supports gsync. Gsync, as you all know only works with displayport. I did notice however, that there was a displayport slot on the side of my motherboard. I plugged the displayport into my motherboard and the other side of it into my...
  5. L

    Solved ASUS VP28UQGL 4K stuck at 30HZ despite DisplayPort 1.2

    Hi, I am using DisplayPort 1.2 with ASUS VP28UQGL, 28 Inch 4K (3840 x 2160) which is capable of 60HZ but it is stuck at 30HZ for some reason. I simply cannot select 60HZ under the settings and the only setting available is 30HZ despite me using the right type of cable which is DisplayPort and...
  6. A

    Solved External speakers & DisplayPort issue

    Someone used my computer yesterday and since then my external speakers, which are connected to my monitor, are not working with Windows 10. However, when I change my monitor's input to HDMI (which my Switch is connected to), there are no issues. Similarly, I connected the speakers to my laptop...
  7. Kami_Illusions

    Annoying monitor connection issues

    I recently bought a monitor and PC for Christmas. My monitor only supports a DP or HDMI connection, and my PC has a DP, VGA, and dvi connection. When i plugged in the DP cable to the PC and monitor, the monitor said "This computer has an add-in graphics card, but the monitor cable is plugged...
  8. Last-echo

    Monitors suddenly stopped working. Please help!

    I am using a dual monitor setup, with a computer that I have put together myself. I have tried using the tip that I've read about where you turn off the computer, power it off, unplug the monitors and after waiting a short while plug it back and turn the pc back on. But it didn't do anything.. I...