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  1. E

    Pending OP Response Computer Randomly Restarts (No BSOD)

    I'm not entirely sure which topic to post this under but crashes seems to be a half decent shot. So I built this PC around 4 months ago now and it was working perfectly fine with no issues up until around 1-2 weeks ago when suddenly it just decides to restart while I'm using it. At the time I...
  2. C

    Solved Computer Crash While Gaming

    Recently i've started getting constant crashes while gaming, they are completely random too, it seems. My screen suddenly gets filled completely with vertical lines of random colors and a very loud - and unpleasant - sounds plays (not in the hardware, but trough the speakers), shortly after...
  3. S

    Solved My laptop blue screens while watching YouTube or Twitch

    Hello, I have a ASUS X555L laptop running windows 10. It's been working fine since I got it last year but recently sometimes while watching YouTube videos or Twitch streams, the laptop will freeze. Sometimes it will recover and start working in a few seconds, other times it crashes. When it does...
  4. D

    Need help PC Noob

    Alright I have a Dell XPS 7200 pc mostly stock. 8Gb of ram, stock mobo and cpu. EVGA 1060 6 gb is what i recently put in to replace a GTX9800 which blue screened, and also had a Nvidia 580 quadro which ran like crap graphics wise, but did not crash or anything. Since putting in the 1060 my pc...
  5. MitchG

    Solved Games freeze and stop responding

    Hey all, been searching around but can only find similar issues and would prefer a response given to me rather than me reading off someone elses: So I custom built my own PC, and for a little while I never noticed any issues, but now when I am playing computer games, the game might freeze and...
  6. A

    Computer restarts whenever turned on.

    Hello, For the past few months my Dell computer that's about 2-3 years old has been doing a rather annoying thing. Every time I turn it on it will churn away for a little bit then it restarts itself and this appears on the screen next to the DELL logo. After that it turns on normally from...
  7. N

    Closed/Inactive My games are randomly crashing

    Hello, I'm not very good with all the PC specs so not sure what I should give but I'm on windows 10, I have an I7 and GTX 960, 64-bit operating system. I recently bought Dishonoured and for some reason, it keeps crashing at random points during the game, this happens for me on Mount and Blade...