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  1. M

    CPU usage at 100% while doing nothing

    So basically my CPU fan broke, I bought another installed it correctly (double checked everything on it) and i thought everything was fine, I start using my pc again as normal. Remember i have not installed anything new or changed anything other than the fan and the thermal paste. Randomly my...
  2. T

    Solved CPU high usage

    Hello, let me start off by saying that English isn't my main language so sorry if there's alot of grammar mistakes : P My problem is that my CPU usage is 100 almost all the time, its normal when nothing is open but as soon as I open any program it goes to 100% no matter if it's Firefox or any...
  3. W

    Solved High CPU usage and temperature after cleaning

    My CPU usage is unusually high since I cleared all the dust out from my case (there was a lot). Just opening any web page consistently shoots it up to between 25-45% and while this happens the fan gets much louder, louder than it used to go even when running intensive games. Also the fan becomes...
  4. G

    ...about 'audiodg.exe' Consuming CPU

    TL;DR - The process "audiodg.exe" is eating up 30-40% of my CPU at all times, the common solution found online does not help. Hello there. I was recently noticed substantial lag from my laptop. While in Task Manager I see that 'Windows Audio Device Graph Isolation' (audiodg.exe) is running...