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  1. Eobard Thawne

    Thermal Throttling after installing new CPU cooler

    I have an i5 11400 paired with a GTX 1650 Super, Before,I had a stock intel cooler installed and I noticed that as the summer came, The temperatures of the CPU started to touch 100 degrees C as I live in a hot region.. So I decided to upgrade to an aftermarket cooler and bought the Cooler Master...
  2. C

    i9 12900k cooling

    Is a shadow rock 3 good enough for an i9 12900k? I have an ASUS z690f and preferably want an air cooler but a lot aren’t compatible. Should I go with a be quiet Pureloop instead? If anyone has any stats for this cooler that would be nice also. It doesn’t say what the TDP is for this cooler...
  3. CBJhockey91

    Solved Case fans not spinning

    So I had a small power outage last night and I got an error on my pc said CPU fan error. The rear fan and the graphics card fans are working and I have a liquid cooler but I also noticed my front fans are not spinning and honestly I don't think they ever did as I took a picture of it running...
  4. T

    i7-10th gen (locked version/not "k") : safe temperatures

    I recently upgraded to a core intel 10700, and replaced the stock cooler with a corsair H60 liquid cooler (single 120 mm fan edition). Before the replacement on the stock cooler I was getting temps: idle- 30-35 c / gaming- 68-82 c --- Now on the H60 I am getting temps: idle 25-30 c / gaming...
  5. iuscogens

    Why can i only control my CPU fan once it has started running (I cant start it by myself though)

    I have an Acer Predator G3 that is about 6 years old. Except for a new Rx 5700 GPU and a new power adapter everything is original. My CPU gets about 90-100°C hot until the cpu-fan starts blowing (without me doing anything, that means BIOS controlled, so no software or BIOS changes here) at very...
  6. _Nick_

    Solved 120mm Case Fan Installation (SP vs. AF)?

    This is quite possibly the silliest and most embarrassing issue I've had crop up yet with my build, but I feel it necessary to rectify sooner rather than later, and am here for some expert input on case fan installation. My current build has been working a treat so far, despite a few road bumps...