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  1. C

    Transit Damag

    Hi all, new here, I sent my PC back for repairs due to getting clock_watchdog_timeout and whea_uncorrectable_error and being told by the company its the CPU and Cooler. Upon returning it they contact me saying the GPU and motherboard were damaged in transit and I'm liable and have to pay $1000...
  2. papercuz

    Why does my PC restart when playing games? AIO COOLER Cause???

    I was playing rainbow six siege my GPU temperature was 41 Celsius but my CPU was 60 Celsius. But all of a sudden my pc restarted??? I’m a 100% sure my AIO cooler is properly connected and installed?? I even check in BIOS mode to see the AIO RPM. And it was 3000 RPM. This is a Lian li Gahalad...
  3. IHangGolems

    New psu fix fried motherboard?

    My motherboard recently fried and I replaced it with a new one and a less demanding cpu. I was wondering if the reason for the motherboard frying would be that the power supply isnt giving enough power for the system or maybe that the cpu was too powerful for the cpu cooler??
  4. Cosmin

    Solved One of my case cooler is doing weird sounds and slows down

    Hi! Today I decided to fix one of my case cooler but I don't know how to do it. Can you, please, help me? By the way, when I start the pc, the cooler is very loud, it gets quieter in time until its almost silent, but I do not want to break this thing.
  5. E

    Solved GPU clearances and dimensions

    I'm designing a custom GPU support pillar and I'm trying to figure out the relation between CPU heatsink height and GPU width. Since all cases always provide their cooler clearance, I'll be able to calculate whether that pillar will fit or not. (part of it is going in front of the GPU and then...
  6. I

    Solved Replaced CPU Cooler and re-mounted smaller heatsink; now fans LOUD and display is blank!!

    I have a HP Compaq Elite 8300 USDT pc- the reeeealy small one. I have it running 24/7 as a media server, and I wanted to upgrade the cooling a little bit. Since the form factor is so small, and a replacement/larger case is out of the question (as well as liquid cooling for now), I purchased the...