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connection error

  1. C

    Wifi problem

    Hi, I have problems with my computer. It keeps connecting and disconnecting every second. I tried to solve the problems by looking through different websites but nothing worked. The only thing is that it's only my computer that does that cuz all my other devices work perfectly. If you have any...
  2. M

    Internet connection is super spotty

    Hi guys, this is my first post on the forum :thumbsup: I've recently encountered an issue on my PC where my internet will completely disconnect for no real reason and then whenever I try to sign back in it states, "Some information has changed since you last connected, please enter your network...
  3. O

    Solved I can surf the internet, but cant connect to any game servers.

    I can surf the internet, but i cant connect to game servers. Ive tried DNS flush, ipconfig renew, turning of both VPN and firewalls, restarting router, using another wifi, updating drivers but none of those things made it work again. I have even formatted my windows. Its now saying "No...
  4. Brandon Byrnes

    Solved Did GTA V break My Internet?

    So every since downloading and installing GTA V from Steam my internet is basically broken. It is taking forever for pages to load, if they load at all, mostly it takes forever then says sever error, or server can't be reached. My connection seems to go out sporadically, and just overall it...