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  1. Lucasisfilming

    No video signal after RAM unplug and plug in

    While clearing out the dust from my PC, I took out my 2 DDR4 8gb RAM sticks and pushed them back in until I heard a click and checked to make sure they were pushed in as good as they could be. When I connected my DVI cord back to my monitor, my screen showed “no input”. Help! This PC is only a...
  2. L

    good internet slow on computer?

    I have decent wifi but discord calls and videogames are unusable. discord calls will cut out on both ends. whenever I play any online game I get rubber banding and lag spikes. i tested the wifi speeds and the results were: 39ms ping, 34.4Mbps download, 7.48Mbps upload. the internet runs a little...
  3. Boby4a

    Asrock motherboard problem

    Hi I have I problem with my pc . My computer works well for about an hour after that the monitor and the keyboard act like there isn't connection with the pc but the I still hear the pc fans running. Then I restart the pc and the monitor and keyboard act like there isn't connection again. Can...
  4. T

    Solved Can’t figure out where to plug in front panel headers

    I’m new to building PCs and I’ve been building mine while watching YouTube tutorials but I got stuck once I found that my front panel headers were one small individual cord (see picture) I know where to plug them into motherboard but not where to plug the other side (4 pins on one row, 2 on...
  5. T

    internet works, but on some app it doesnt correctly

    i really need help asap, the programs i want to use it not working at all
  6. anderslicht

    installing win 10 from usb. constant bsod and error code 0x8007025d

    just got my new pc: cpu: intel i5 9400f gpu: msi rtx 2070 mb: msi H31M PRO-VH ssd: crucial mx500 sata ssd psu: corsair vs650 When i try to install win 10 via a usb stick with the media creation tool i get constant bsod (system thread exception not handled and memory_management) and error code...
  7. Robertart

    2 games suddenly lagging (low fps) !?

    My problem is the following: I was away from my PC for about 3 days. Everything was working fine before that. When I returned to my PC and started up either of those 2 games, they were suddenly lagging to an extent that they were unplayable. To take note of, is that these games didn't ever lag...
  8. A

    Something in my PC build making a loud quick rattle noise

    i just built my gaming pc less than a week ago. After I got it all setup and starting playing, there started to be a weird noise that would happen randomly. It seems to happen every time i first start a game up, and when I close it. At first I thought it was like bearings in the gpu fan, but it...
  9. L

    Pc heavily underperforming

    Hi, about a month ago I build a gaming pc but now it's heavily underperforming. In csgo my framerate is only 45fps when normally it plays on 200-400fps. I benchmarked my pc after that and my cpu and gpu both work fine.Temperature also isn't a problem because, both my gpu and cpu reach a max temp...
  10. Captain

    Solved Start-up Black Screen Issues With Blinking Underscore (Desktop)

    Hello, I've had PC start-up issues for maybe two months now (I've had the desktop for close to 6 months now possibly) and I figured I should ask for solutions because it clearly won't go away by itself. When I start my PC up sometimes it pops up with a black screen with a blinking underscore...
  11. E

    Computer Switches Off By Itself Shortly After Switching On

    When the computer is turned on, it typically works fine and smoothly. From time to time, the computer will stutter, seen mainly with the lagging cursor. After about 5 - 10 minutes or so, the monitors lose connection and the message 'No Signal' appears on the screens. The system unit, which seems...
  12. coolhandluke

    Solved Wattage of everything?

    Ok so I have this thread here: Instead of making a new reply which is somewhat related / somewhat unrelated I thought I would post a new one... I need help of finding out the wattage for the stuff in this computer; and...
  13. coolhandluke

    Solved Need Help With Potential Gaming Build!

    Ok, so I have this desktop here... I bought it from best buy: I had a...