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  1. Fr0me

    Ethernet Cable Split Help

    Doing some renovations on the house and we ran some ethernet cables into the rooms. This is the setup we have (see first pic) It was only a basement reno so we didnt run cables through the entire house and use a dedicated cse/box to house all the splits like a regular house wire. So the...
  2. Bluxy

    Solved Cable or Backlight problem?

    Hello, So I recently found an old laptop of mine, tried to boot it and it looked ok for me, it had 1 problem where black appears as green on the screen, so I decided to open it and check the 40pin cable behind the display, it looked out of place so I got it out, wiped it with my finger to get...
  3. A

    Screen problem with DisplayPort cable

    Hey, recently I have a problem with (probably) my DisplayPort cable: I just switched from working, good HDMI cable to DisplayPort cable, and since I have switched it, everytime I open my computer it shows me some sort of spread, smeared pixels all over my monitor, but by the time goes on the...
  4. Filipe Miguel

    Using a laptop has a screen.

    Is there any way for me to use my laptop has a second monitor? I have a PS4 slim and I wanted to use it in my desk. I tried to use a 1440x900 60Hz screen but it was incompatible even tring to change the settings. The HDMI input in my laptop it's male I tink. Because oh that, I would like to know...