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building computer

  1. Egert Klaamas

    Question on build

    Hello i am quite new here. So because i had working cpu, showed above and with my limited budget i can't upgrade that (my 1070 i had broke and repair shop said that motherboard slot for GPU is also damaged), everything else shown in the picture is new (ssd i already had, just can't remember...
  2. M

    Solved new PC build not working

    I built a new PC and can't figure out why it's not working -- even after swapping out many of the components. This is only my second build on my own so I may have done something wrong. I'll put the problem below, what I've tried below that, and then the build at the bottom. Any help/suggestions...
  3. M

    Very Budget PC Dilemma

    So obviously there is a shortage in GPUs, and I got this pretty fair deal yesterday about a used PC (used for about a year now) and I am currently in a really slim budget and I need some help with this one because I don't really know much about PCs, just that RX 570 is still pretty decent. The...
  4. O

    Squeaking from gaming PC

    Hello, I recently built a gaming PC. The first 4 days with it was great, very minimal noise, can't complain. As of recent, I decided to play hyperscape and my PC (not sure which part but it sounds like it's coming from the GPU) started making this weird squeaking noise that is very noticeable...
  5. kartib25

    Solved I need an opinion with a computer someone build me

    This is the computer I need a professional opinion.
  6. Yqmxh

    Is my pc compatible?

    I put this custom pc together. I just wanna know if I’m missing any necessary components or if everything’s compatible. Can you check the power supply, motherboard, cpu, gpu and ram to see if it’s compatible. (P.S if there’s cheaper versions of these parts can you let me know. Also since the gpu...