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  1. PeterT

    Solved Can`t enter bios settings menu

    Hi, I have a Nas PC, (MSI H61M-P20(G3) motherboard, an Intel i3-3220, 6GB DDR3 RAM, Two 1TB WD HDD and a 16GB Pendrive for the OS, and using the integrated gpu) which had OpenMediaVault installed to it. Yesterday i purchased a TP-Link TG-3468 gigabit PCIE card. I shut down the pc, put in the...
  2. G

    Boot/Startup problems

    Please Help!!!!!!!! My computer has randomly started having problems booting/starting. It will begin loading, very slowly upon startup and it sometimes freezes before getting to the sign in window. Sometimes I make it to the sign in window, but it freezes there. Very rarely I'm able to sign in...
  3. W

    Pc won't boot

    so I started having an issue with my pc freezing yesterday and had been trying to do a system restore on it but it kept failing. Then last night after booting into Windows it froze again so I forced a shut down holding power for 5 seconds. I come back today to try and fix it but the pc will not...
  4. E

    Question about duel booting

    I have a computer running windows 10, but my sister prefers windows 7. She likes the look and isn't a fan of the new windows 10 look. However I like windows 10 so I want to keep it. So is there a way I could duel boot windows 7 and still have all the files in that OS. She has a lot of files and...
  5. D

    Solved No Bootable Device

    I may have dug myself in too deep with this one. I've been having a long saga of problems dealing with my 3 year old Acer Aspire V5-552PG. I just repaired the monitor cable which had gotten pinched and frayed somehow. It was causing the monitor to flash on and off, and then come back and say...
  6. passwurd

    Solved What's wrong with my Desktop? Windows 10 won't boot after update

    So I was shutting down my computer and it did an automatic update, and I left to go do something. I came back with my brother on it and unable to Boot Windows 10, it just takes me to the UEFI Bios Screen, I don't think it's hardware, and apparently it happen while my brother was on the computer...
  7. C

    Booting up windows 7 after 1 year. Everything is unusuably slow

    After one year I'm trying to boot my windows 7 computer, and I run into issues I never had (NO issues back in September 2015): The login screen freezes as soon as a key is pressed on the login screen. Mouse is still movable. Wait 10 minutes and the computer is reacting again. Enter password...
  8. V

    Cant boot usb

    Hello. I have asus t100ta with win 8. I installed on this device android GNU GRUB 2.02 beta2. Android had a very small storage, only 175 MB. When I restart device it display me Grub menu with only android booting option. Maybe I damaged section with windows. But when I insert bootable usb with...