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  1. T

    Solved Help with removing adware

    Yesterday, i found google chrome to be redirecting me to other webpages and spamming me with adverts, so i looked around and found that this is called adware. So i followed a few threads and installed malwarebytes which found an adware program along with some other stuff. So i removed them...
  2. tobi19

    Solved Chrome popups, viruses etc.

    Ok, so this started like 1-2 days ago... All of a sudden I started getting all these popups viruses, ads. etc. For example, every time I search for something (doesn't matter what) the first 3 results are from this iq option page, or some other similar. I tried everything, reinstalling Chrome 2-3...
  3. F

    Solved 2017-03-11 - Back for more

    Hi all, About a week after my last visit I noticed a browser hijack. I opened a page and in just under a second the browser loaded a page claiming to be a Firefox update page, and it popped up a download window asking me to download a javascript file. It's been busy at work so I haven't had...
  4. slonslon7

    Solved Malware help

    Hello. I've been having some malware issues. Have scanned with a host of AM and AV, removed some items but some issues persist: -Some kind of DNS hijacker (RogueKiller finds DHCPnameserver) but it keeps coming back. In chrome before visiting any site it says "waiting for"...
  5. Isorene

    Solved Broadcaster Channel pop-ups

    Seond and aptop: Scan result of Farbar Recovery Scan Tool (FRST) (x86) Version: 19-02-2017 Ran by sandra123 (administrator) on SANDRA (20-02-2017 22:47:28) Running from C:\Users\sandra123\Downloads Loaded Profiles: sandra123 (Available Profiles: sandra123) Platform: Microsoft Windows 8 Pro (X86)...
  6. srkzzzi

    Solved Chinese ucdrv malware

    Here are the logs once again FRST.txt Addition.txt
  7. M

    Solved & ad malware on google chrome

    Hello! So a couple of days ago I accidentally downloaded an addon to google chrome that's called It has since then messed up my browser by adding addons, changing homepage address, ads that pop on and you know the stuff that ad malwares do. I usually fix this problem by just...
  8. N

    Closed/Inactive My games are randomly crashing

    Hello, I'm not very good with all the PC specs so not sure what I should give but I'm on windows 10, I have an I7 and GTX 960, 64-bit operating system. I recently bought Dishonoured and for some reason, it keeps crashing at random points during the game, this happens for me on Mount and Blade...
  9. Prinny

    Solved Computer freezes up

    Not even sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. Here I am What started out as annoying game crashing has somehow escalated into this. I don't know how/if I...
  10. H

    Solved Laptop is running really slowly

    So I have had a my laptop for about 4 years, stopped using it for a while and now it has become incredibly slow. It takes it about a minute to open up google chrome and then ages to load up a webpage while the Internet is running fine on other devices. My fps in games has also significantly...
  11. C

    Solved Malware or Possible Trogen Issue

    Hello: I am running Windows 10 - Home version. The computer is a HPG72 Notebook. My computer gets a pop up trying to get me to go to a Microsoft site, every time I go to any site. Some times the only way to get rid of it is to shut down Windows and start again. I ran a Kaspershy scan and the...
  12. G

    Closed/Inactive Unwanted search engine

    Hi there recently I was downloading torrents but it gave me this search virus, I've looked at videos saying how to take it off but those don't seem to work. I've run Malwarebytes and ADWcleaner and reset Chrome settings but its still popping up when I try to search something. I...
  13. S

    Closed/Inactive Delete browsermodifier:win32/suptab!blink

    Windows Defender keep giving me popups every couple sec, i press on the notify and make windows defender remove,quarantine and clean it, but nothing helps it takes 10 sec after deleting it with windows defender and it comes back with same popup, i have Nod32 antivirus, and i have installed...