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Wireless Keyboard vs IR Remotes

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PCHF Member
Jan 6, 2022
My HTPC and Harmony 650 remote works fabulous together with one exception- no discrete on command available. The 'power toggle' will wakeup PC from sleep and also put it to sleep, additionally the 'discrete off' will put PC to sleep. Pressing any key on my wireless keyboard will wake PC from sleep so what gives. Both devices are plugged into a USB port. Why does IR command 'power toggle' wake the computer but IR command 'discrete on' does nothing? I have Googled this question and found many older suggestions (2004-2014) but nothing relevant for Windows 10. Can anyone help me out here?


Support Team
PCHF Member
May 24, 2017
The Netherlands
From my experience IR devices are notorious for those little but annoying things.

Could be signal strength, interference from other devices, driver conflicts.. ..the list can go on.

Just so I make it clear, I know the issues exist, have encountered them on hundreds of systems but do not know why.
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