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Solved Winver 2004

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roger hawke

PCHF Member
Nov 15, 2016
I have asked about 2004 on a couple of occasions but each time I was advised to hang on for a while.

Is now the time to install, is 2004 now stable?

Please see attached which has appeared on the Updates screen.


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It seems that Win 10 version 2004 isn't there yet.. Some people are still having issue's.. Given the the slow pace MS comes up with a fix,if we compare how long the 1903 version took,it may be a while..
Supposedly if the update is offered then it’s OK for your PC. Personally I would wait unless you have an image backup which you can return to after the 10 day limit to restore the previous version.
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Thanks for responses - guess I'll just hang on a bit longer!

(Just out of interest, if I did install, would any issues show fairly quickly, or not necessarily?)
Tbh the issues may either show instantly, after day or so or even after a restart of the PC.
On top of this if you Malwarebytes then there’s also an incompatibility with 2004 & this which is slowing PCs down to a crawl. This affected me & thought it was 2004 so restored 1909 & upgraded again several times to try & fix Windows.
The only problem I’ve noticed is that my Synaptics touchpad doesn’t have a power tab under Mice (but is listed under Mice) but now is under HID devices, however the ‘use this device to wake the pc’ is greyed out, I don’t know whether this is a new bug or a problem with my PC.
I've put Win10 v2004 on maybe a dozen PC's so far and have had no issues with it.
there is (or was?) the MBAM issue but I thought the latest MBAM v4.1.2 was suppose to address that.

and if this is the latest list of known issues Win10 v2004; https://wccftech.com/and-it-begins-all-the-windows-10-version-2004-known-issues-list/ then your reasoning to install or not install is based on whether you think any of those problems would effect you.

I decided to install 2004 and monitor it for about a week.
No issues when I restarted, and all seems OK at the moment.
(I can always revert to 1909 within 10 days if I find any issues)

Please keep this open for 6-7days and I will report back.

Here's hoping :cautious:
Reporting back as promised.

Installed Windows 2004 about 7 days ago.
I've not encountered any issues - presumably all is well?

One last question - when the 10 roll back period has lapsed, is there any need to hang on to the windows.old folder?
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