Windows not starting fully

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Mar 24, 2020
Hi Team.

I'm new here. I tried to find solution over the internet but none of those worked for me unfortunately.

Below is my problem.

Some time ago (4-6 weeks) I had an issue with starting my PC properly. I start it, all works well at to point when desktop with icons should show up. It does not and small window pop up with the following message:

"C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe" I don't know if ">" is the last mark as I cannot extend the window. Window looks like the one you open "cmd.exe" from start. This BIOS-kind-of-black-and-white window.

Now what I do as next steps? I have 2 profiles on my PC. My personal one and Admin. I don't know why I have 2, don't ask. Anyway, I log out and I start PC via Administrator account. Boom. Everything works properly. I ignore the topic, enjoy my PC again, forget about the issue.

Unfortunately today I tried to launch my PC and I have the same error on Administrator profile and on my personal profile. Nothing works.

What I can do:

1. I can close this window, but then nothing happens. I can still see wallpaper, but no icons, no taskbar on the bottom etc.
2. I can press "ctrl+alt+delete" and I can open task manager. This runs smoothly. I see processes, applications etc. Now interesting bit shows here. When I look at applications only 1 is runinng and apparently it's this window. It looks like this:

Select Administrator: C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe Running

3. I can type in this window. One of the solution I found in the internet was to type "msconfig" -> go to startup -> Find startup item called "windows\system32\cmd.exe" and disable it. Problem is that this startup is not there, so I cannot turn it off. I found something simillar, called :windows\system32\HKcmd.exe. I disabled this, didn't help.
4. I can run BIOS but I have zero proficiency so I don't even know what I could do there.

What I cannot do:

1. I cannot open any program,
2. I cannot use "start" menu (also via keyboard, does not work),

Let me know if you have any advice. Counting on your support.

Obviously I'm writing this post via laptop, not my broken PC.


PCHF Administrator
Support Team
Jul 22, 2016
While in task manager did you select the C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe Running and the end task. What happened?

Do you have any personal data on that system that you may want to keep?

EDIT: What happens if you access safe mode?

How long have you let the system sit to see what happens?
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