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Windows 10 Gaming PC texture pop-in, stuttering and general performance issues

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I built a gaming PC myself in 2018 and I've been experiencing consistent issues when gaming. Objects will appear in extremely low res and gradually the texture will load into higher detail. In driving games, for example American Truck Simulator a car will drive towards me and it's only when it gets close that all the details and high res textures on the object actually load. In cod-warzone objects will pop-up as I walk towards them and larger objects will be really low resolution textures until I give them a second to load. Furthermore, games will freeze inconsistently for a millisecond but my FPS will just show a drop from 60fps to 55fps, rather than a total 0fps stop.

I've raised this question a few times on several forums but never gotten anywhere in terms of troubleshooting so I'm really hoping someone would be able to help... I'm starting to regret making the switch from console where I never had these issues!

My specs are here: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/F6f3vW

Some of the above parts are from an older PC, but I've run windows diagnostics and not noticed any issues. My only concern would be the HDD but majority of games I've squeezed onto the SSDs. The C drive is on the 120gb Kingston SSD, I have tried games on all drives and the problem remains. Here are some of the things I've tried so far:

Changing Windows 10 and Nvidia power consumption to maximum performance.
Scanning for corrupted system files.
Running Windows hardware diagnostics on RAM and my hard drives.
Disable dynamic tick (made performance much worse).
Different monitors and TVs Moving the page-file to a separate SSD.
Checking my stats on User Benchmark - https://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/27193382
Permanently disabling windows DVR
Disabling Windows Game Mode (re-enabled as boosted performance)
Disabling Nvidia shadowplay (screen capture. Re-enabled as no noticeable impact)
Optimising games via Nvidia GEforce Experience
Checking all drives are up to date with drive doctor and Intel driver update tool (all are updated).
Updating my bios (this gave me a few extra FPS!)
Disabling write-caching
Using Intelligent Standby List Cleaner (didn't work so I don't use it anymore).
Checking RAM health via windows (all ok)

At this stage I am ready to give up on PC gaming altogether because it just doesn't seem to be working. Any help would be very much appreciated.

Thank you!
Is this multiplayer gaming or single player? All or just a few?
Which games and have you tried different settings?
Have you tried disabling V-Sync
Cleaned out the C: drive if it is to full it will have issue. Windows requires close to 35% free space to preform various things.

The power supply @phillpower2
Thermaltake Smart RGB 500 W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply

Download then run Speccy (free) and post the resultant url for us, details here, this will provide us with information about your computer hardware + any software that you have installed that may explain the present issue/s.

To publish a Speccy profile to the Web:

In Speccy, click File, and then click Publish Snapshot.

In the Publish Snapshot dialog box, click Yes to enable Speccy to proceed.

Speccy publishes the profile and displays a second Publish Snapshot. You can open the URL in your default browser, copy it to the clipboard, or close the dialog box.
Thermaltake Smart RGB 500 W 80+ Certified ATX Power Supply
Bang on the money, Nvidea recommend a minimum of a 550W PSU while the present PSU can only produce 420W and being that the PSU is not even Bronze efficiency rated how much of the time it can actually produce 420W is unknown, it could be as little as 75% of the time, suggested wattage and efficiency rating for high end GPUs here


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