Solved Windows 10 DVD Drives

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Jul 19, 2016
Hope I may chip in here?

Windows Defender has improved over the years, and the following box below is a summary of what users from a respected Malware group had to say. If you do use Defender then you should certainly get an extra NON REALTIME security app, something like Zemana free or Malwarebytes free, etc, and run for a second opinion. If you do use Defender make sure you NEVER turn off or defer Windows Updates because doing so will stop Defender from getting updates too. Never run two realtime security suites together, and do remember that no one security app will catch every suspicious action or file every time, hence the reason for a realtime and second opinion tool. The best form of malware protection is safe browsing and common sense with sharing data.

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Sep 9, 2016
In addition to what has kindly been post by gus and Bruce respectively, you can use VirusTotal to do an online safety check on anything that you may wish to download, see info here

roger hawke

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PCHF Member
Nov 15, 2016
phillpower2/Gus and Bruce,

Sincere thanks for all you help - much appreciated.

Please mark as solved (although I still don't really understand what $Extend folder is all about !!!)
Is it peculiar to Win 10 - never had the problem before.

(y) (y)
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