wifi hell

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Sep 15, 2020
Ever since the most recent Windows update installed on my computer about three weeks ago, my wifi connection has been cacking out literally 20 to 30 times per day. With no advance warning, it will just suddenly hang when I try to click on or load a web page, and then disconnect -- and then sometimes I can reset the connection just by clicking on the connect button in my wifi menu again, while other times that won't work and I'll have to completely reset the wifi card through the troubleshooting menu. Sometimes (but not always) when I do that, it will also "identify" the additional problem that my wifi is not set to automatically connect to this network -- except that it is -- but if it identifies this problem, then its attempt to "fix" that usually fails, following which I can't even just reset my wifi card anymore, but actually have to power cycle my router.

The problem is definitely not with the router, however, as several times this has happened while I was streaming video or audio to another device on the same router, which was uninterrupted even while my desktop was having its wifi tantrums. This occasionally happened before, but maybe once a month if that -- it's specifically in the last few weeks, since the last time Windows 10 installed a new update, that it's become a thing I have to deal with two or three times an hour.

I can post event logs if needed, but this usually generates a 1014 error. I've also tried several "fix your wifi" guides on the web, only to find that their hints (like "change the power management settings") weren't helpful because my settings were already where they're "supposed" to be.

Any help fixing this would be most appreciated. Thanks.


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Support Team
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Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
agreed, unlikely to be the router.
plug the PC into the router via an ethernet cable, that'll prove it is the wifi card.
then, i would go to the wifi card manufacturers website and make sure you have the latest driver.
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