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When my PC wakes up from sleep mode I have a robotic audio/visual lag

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PCHF Member
Jun 16, 2020
Hello, I recently upgraded my pc and and I upgraded my windows 7 to windows 10 then clean installed windows 10. I am having this periodic audio/visual skipping making all sounds robotic. When it happens:
-after a couple of hours of use
-when I wake my PC up from sleep mode
-sometimes I hear the hard drive...make a hard drive noise when the problem happens

Also, when this happens I restart the PC but it stays on the restart screen but does not restart, and I have to restart it manually

Mobo: Asus prime X570-P
CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6 core processor 4.10 GH.z
Graphics card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 super
RAM: 16gb DDR4
Power supply: Corsair AX750

I checked my hardrive health and I seem to recall that at least 1 if not both are fine, this is my first time building a PC, I upgraded the mobo, cpu, ram and kept the power supply, I had to troubleshoot a lot of problems but this one seems to be beyond me. please help
Asking and receiving advice from multiple forums can be both confusing and counter productive to fixing your issue.
well considering Ive had no responses yet except to tell me that I shouldnt post on 2 forums I dont think it is an issue
I am trying to solve my problem as soon as possible, i dont see the problem of asking 2 different forums, maybe some people on this forum will have ideas that people on another forum wont
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