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Apr 11, 2020
I am writing again in this forum and thanks in advance for every reply. Also, I don't know if this is the right section, if not, please move the post.
Recently I was looking for a certain program that converts .bat files to .exe. A friend sent me a first-served one that he found on the Internet and unfortunately, it turned out to be a virus. Currently, from time to time something like the screenshot opens to me. Fortunately, I also try this "cmd" to open a page, but anti-virus blocked it for me. I checked it on a virtual machine and it doesn't exist anymore, so I think the "virus" is out of date. Unfortunately, this window pops up every 2-3 hours and it is very onerous. Is there any way to remove this? My antivirus is ESET Nod, I also tried Malwarebytes.


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