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Unwanted Bitdefender pop-ups

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Heat Sink

PCHF Member
Jun 22, 2017
I have had Bitdefender as my anti-virus program for eleven months. It works very well and I am happy with its protection.
But about a month ago I started to get these infuriating pop-ups in the bottom right of the screen telling me how good the program is.
These pop-ups have to be removed by clicking on them as they are in the way of whatever I am doing on screen.
I went online to ask others how to disable them and was aghast to find page after page of elaborate advice and answers.
I found the part that is supposed to turn off my type of pop-ups [there are others] and thought I had it when I moved the slide adjustment off green which I was instructed to do.
But they came back and haunt me constantly.
Bitdefender has just held out their hand for a large $69.95 renewal fee for the next 12 months. If I can't get this permanently fixed I will switch to Kaspersky.
Can anyone tell me how to fix this, please?
Bitdefender has always had an excellent rating when it comes to security and protection but unfortunately seems to be getting negative comments from users with its later versions "useability"

The free version of Bitdefender has no provisions for turning off self promotional notifications, but as you say the paid for versions have seemingly well documented instructions for stopping most if not all notifications. Maybe Bitdefender are getting more aggressive with marketing of late?
Well, the annoying thing about it Gus is that I don't want this hassle and didn't pay for messing around trying to unsuccessfully delete something I didn't want. By the look of the myriad of help answers, it appears to be a big problem for a lot of people. I wonder at their misguided wisdom of annoying customers so much that they decide not to renew. It is a good program but Kaspersky is portrayed on the internet by the gurus as better and for much cheaper.
I like your flag by the way. How can I get one? Can I have it as well as my written quote signature?
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