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Pending OP Response Unhappy with my iPhone

Warning: this concerns continuing issues I'm having with my SE iPhone. But I need to start at the beginning. Soon after I purchased the phone I registered it with the Apple Support Community, using my laptop. Fine, except I forgot to save the computer-generated password. Hands up, my fault. So upon attempting to sign in the second time I requested a link to be sent my email address enabling me to change the password. This is when things turned seriously weird. The moment I selected this option I received a screen message indicating that the forum's registry didn't recognise my email address. . . duh? Now I've had this address for over two decades, and I use it all the time. So I had another go, this time using my backup email address instead, but straight off the blocks the registry failed to recognise that one as well.

Now whether there's a connection with what I'm about to relate, I'm not savvy enough to say for sure, but here goes. Having in the meantime managed to secure my Apple ID for the phone, I saw that while the phone has no problems downloading the inbox belonging to my first email address, just as with the Apple community forum it fails to recognise the email address itself (!) It does, on the other hand, recognise my second email address - indeed Apple routinely sends password prompts to it, which is validation enough, one would think. Yet here's the rub: whenever I use the phone to download items from its linked Apple store, yes, it flags up my second email address as a screen prompt, yet it fails to recognise its corresponding password. Now that password could be carved in stone, such is its cryptographic accuracy. I know this for a fact, if only because I needed to use it (indeed depend upon it) after having a new OS installed on my laptop recently. It worked then, so why not now?

So to conclude, what the devil is going on? This is my first encounter with an iPhone, and all in all I feel deeply disenchanted with it. True, I'm far more familiar with Microsoft products - my first desktop being a 486 purchased back in 1993. Yet I chose the iPhone in part because of its build quality (which is impressive) and its reputed ease of use. Well, after what I've been through this last week, I can only beg to differ on that last point. Indeed, just about every encounter I've had with Apple thus far, including its so-called support community, has only served to deepen my dislike of the company. The upshot is that I'm now thinking of cutting my losses by selling the iPhone and going for an Android. I know this is swimming against the tide, but honestly, after what I've been through, what other choice is there?

And yet the better part of me still wants to keep the iPhone - I hate being a quitter, after all. So what do I do?

I apologise for this lengthy bleat.

PS. Update: I've just checked the phone again and discovered that the Settings icon has now gone for a walkabout. It's no longer on the home screen. Sigh. . . :oops:
The upshot is that I'm now thinking of cutting my losses by selling the iPhone and going for an Android.
Why not exchange it for the phone that you want. Return it back to the company you purchase it form.

Maybe a fried and or family member can sit with you and help get it set up to you satisfaction.

We can defiantly assist with some of the issue you may be having.

There will still be a learning curve with Android as there is with the iOS.
no malice Graham, but it may be what I call a PICNIC problem - Problem In Chair Not In Computer. ;)
getting a friend, neighbour, family, or work colleague with skin in the game may help.

also, how far is your nearest Apple Store - those blue shirted staffers at the Genius Bar should set you straight.
Yes, the Apple store option has already been suggested to me, but thanks for the reminder anyway, and I'll take it up asap - right now it's a bank holiday weekend here in the UK. Meanwhile I'm scouring the net for a (basic) manual or primer of some kind, something that explains the various symbols, icons etc. It's a bit like learning a foreign language, except I'm still at the elementary Apple-English phrasebook stage, I guess.
I would like to say nearly all of them, but that would be an exaggeration, though not wildly so. Likewise some of the terminology continues to perplex, ditto menu options and how these options link up with one another. It's a different corporate structure, that's all. Meanwhile the heavy weather the phone has made of my email addresses shows no sign of going away just yet. Even so, I have now managed (by some means) to respond to a friend's text message. That's real progress. Otherwise everything still feels very alien.