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PCHF Manager
PCHF Manager
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Jul 21, 2016
As you may know our pc help forum is a non profit site, and the great community that is PCHF is expanding rapidly. With this growth has come the need for continual hardware and software improvements to cater for improvements to our site as well. These costs are basically borne by one person, the site owner, who has bought us one of the best forum experiences, and one that most forum users expect. Advertising has to date been avoided, and we hope will remain so as we would certainly not want to introduce advertisements in the mix. That is why we ask you to consider making a donation to PC Help forum, no set amount just whatever you can afford to give. Some of the benefits of donating are.

- You'll be given a new tag to proudly display.
- You'll have the ability to delete your own posts and threads.
- You'll have unlimited time editing ability for messages, posts, and threads.
- You'll have the ability to upload an avatar up to 2 MB.
- You'll have a maximum of 50 recipients in a conversation.
- You'll gain increased signature permissions (1000 characters, 5 lines, 10 links, 6 images, 10 smilies, and maximum text size of 5).
- You'll gain the ability to change your username as often as you please.

So make a pledge today ,to help your forum be at it's best. https://www.paypal.me/pchf
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