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Steam won't install anything

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PCHF Member
Jun 8, 2020
Ok so as the title says when i download my games on steam it never finishes them. I had this problem before but i was always able to fix them quickly by either clearing my download cache or verifying the game files. This time however, I've tried to install four games and all of them stopped downloading and gave the same error:'Disk Write Error' Now I've researched this a lot in the past few days and i tried a bazillion things but nothing worked. I have entirely redownloaded a game, didn't work. I have Checked the firewall options and the writing permissions for the drive I'm downloading to, Didn't work. I've tried switching up the download regions but that did no good either. I am desperate does anyone have a solution or possible things I can try? (Note: Lately my pc has been verifying my hard drive every time i boot up my pc, and every time it reaches 99% it turns off and on, and begins anew. I have been bypassing this by spamming delete just before it's started checking my drive and then it just cuts to the login screen for windows. I don't know if this has anything to do with me not being able to download anything but it stood out to me so idk.)
I suspect that your hard drive is failing.
I would back up your files immediately using imaging software (Macrium).
Run chkdsk on the drive either by Start>Run & enter chkdsk C: /f or by Computer>right click on C>Tools>check drive for errors.
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