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Sennheiser 4.40 Headphones only play sound on one side when connected to desktop

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So, for a while, I've had this pair of headphones, the Sennheiser 4.40BT, that I've used mostly with my laptop with no problems. A few years ago, the cord used to connect it to the headphone jack broke, so I bought another and longer one from Amazon, this one to be exact, and I continued to have no problems there. I recently upgraded to a better desktop, that I now use full time rather than my laptop, and when I plugged in my headphones, I noticed that there were a few problems. First, the connecting between the wire and the jack seemed to be very sensitive, that any slight tug would cause the computer to no longer read it, and it had to be "dialed" a certain way so that sound actually played, and when sound did play, it only came through to my left ear. This was peculiar as the headphones and wire continued to play as normal on my laptop.
For that reason, I used another pair of headphones we had at home, the Sony MDR-7502, which when plugged into my desktop, managed to play sound into both ears with little issue. However, recently, the retractable ears on that headphone started to break, so while I am considering buying another set, I am looking to try and save money with my Sennheiser too, as I feel there might be a solution as to why it's being so finicky with that set but not the Sony one or potentially others.
If it was me I would buy the correct cable.
Although the current cable works on one and not the other it could be as simple as the tolerance of the jack male and female build.
You could only rule that out by using an internal/external micrometer.
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