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Seagate barracuda 500gb

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PCHF Member
Jul 10, 2020
Good evening. I was just hoping someone could offer some advice and help. I have a Seagate Barracuda 500gb which has been laid unused for some time. I am currently using Windows 10 and the hard drive doesn’t show up in device manager or disk management. I was hoping that someone would be able to possibly identify the issue in the linked video and offer some help on either repairs or how to salvage the data on the disk without having to spend considerable amounts of money on a recovering firm.
Many thanks in advance

G'day Jonny and welcome to the forums.

what was the reason it was unused in the first place - was it faulty or beyond capacity?

and why oh why have you removed the top cover????
sadly, all bets are off in my opinion now - these things are machine assembled in dust-free, positive pressure, white coat wearing staff factories for a reason.

the drive head floats nanometres above the disk surface and you have just let in all sorts of contaminates.
and that's just the latest in what looks like a faulty unit to begin with the way the head was stuck in a repetitive motion.

professional data recovery labs do indeed charge handsomely for their services - for a reason.
they use a controlled environment with dedicated hardware and professional software built for just such a reason.
Hi Bruce. Thanks for the response. The reason it was unused was we had moved house and was in a box with other bits and pieces of computer equipment. I had it looked at by a local pc repair company and he said it was dead and getting no power even though at home I could hear it spin and the headers move.
The reason the top is of is curiosity got the better of me as the the pc repair guy said it was dead and I thought I’d have a look and see how it all works
agreed - I've pulled many apart, to show the kids mainly but also to pull out the super strong magnets located above and below the drive arm that enable it to 'float'.
you won't find better! but be warned, they are right little buggers to extract.
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