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Salesforce debuts new all-in-one platform for the post-pandemic world


PCHF Tech News
Jan 10, 2015
The pandemic has significantly altered the way in which teams work together online and this is why Salesforce has introduced its new collaboration and productivity tool, Salesforce Anywhere.

The company took note of how customers use its collaboration tool for documents Quip and then used the insights it gained to completely reimagine collaboration within Salesforce.

While there are a number of online collaboration tools available, they often pull users away to other windows and this leads to conversations, ideas and insights getting lost. These tools don't enable users to collaborate in context such as inside a record or on a field and this is why Salesforce created Salesforce Anywhere. Just like with Salesforce Einstein, Anywhere is deeply integrated and infused across Customer 360.

With the Salesforce Anywhere app, the company's users can collaborate with teams, stay productive in their workflow and keep up to date on their customers from anywhere with chat, alerts, comments and video embedded directly into the Salesforce experience.

Salesforce Anywhere

As Salesforce Anywhere will be available on both desktop and mobile when it launches in Q4 2020, users can subscribe to real-time alerts based on the accounts, records and opportunities that are important to them and see them across platforms.

Collaborating in context plays a big part in Salesforce's new tool and users will be able to message and share information across their teams with chat and video. The company will offer a new native real-time chat and video experience powered by Amazon Chime directly integrated into its platform. However, Zoom will also be offered as an out-of-the-box integration so that organizations can use the video conferencing software of their choice.

President and COO of Salesforce, Bret Taylor provided further insight on Salesforce Anywhere in a press release, saying:

“The COVID-19 crisis has taught us that companies must be able to sell, service, market and collaborate from anywhere, and that won’t change in a post-pandemic world. With Salesforce Anywhere we’re empowering customers of every size, location and industry to digitally transform with confidence in this all-digital, work-from-anywhere world."

Interested users can sign up for the Salesforce Anywhere Beta program today and it will be available to use for free on desktop and mobile in July.

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