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RGB connection

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Im building pc for my friend. Here is the link: https://pcpartpicker.com/list/GGL9Fg
I built 4 pcs in my lifetime and everytime i built it i never had to work with rgb.
I never liked it so i never used it when bulding previous pcs. Because my friend wanted it im going to get this case with 3 fans installed and the cooler for cpu is also on the list.
Now im wondering, because i dont know those connectors look, for pc case fans, on the site it says just LED fans, are those just connected to mobo or molex and they display one color without changing or im wrong about that? I know ARGB are the ones where you can change everything. The cooler fan is for sure ARGB, now where would i need to connect it for it to work properly? Thanks and also if you can check the list and if you think i should change something, i would like to hear it.


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Jan 31, 2021
if you where going to buy a Cosair Water Block cooler RBG, then it comes with a connector that you can plug all your rbg fans into and set them all with icue app. Placed mine around the back of the PC case. I have the deepcool 50 case and this also plugs into the mondular connector.

I might upgrade your Power Supply to 750 gold for future upgrades. That GPU is getting old. This would be a light gaming PC. If you upgrade the GPU in the future, you would need more PSU.

All in all, a good budget build
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