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Solved R3 3200G system shuts down by itself

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PCHF Member
Oct 20, 2021
Greetings, I bought an APU system about 1 month ago to play certain games, but for the last 1 month, the system has been turning itself off at certain times. How Does? Let me explain, I'm playing Valorant right now, about 3 - 4 - 5 hours (times vary) and then the PC suddenly pulls the plug. But there is something like that, keyboard mouse monitor headphone is going, the case is still working, and the parts are also there. I have no clue what is causing the issue and it only happens while playing games. It never happens while writing code or watching videos on the net and hanging out. I would be very happy if you help

Footnote: This event only occurs while playing games, as an extra, I changed the PSU, I did a memtest86 test, there is no problem with the RAMs.
I updated the BIOS Chipset and Video card driver but the result is the same.

My system specs:

R3 3200G
Gigabyte B550M S2H
16 GB 3200 MHz RAM
SHP-V2 650W 80+ Bronze PSU
Windows 10 Pro 1909
Not open for further replies.