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Questions about Ad blockers and more

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PCHF Member
PCHF Member
Dec 22, 2017

I have Windows 10. I mostly use Chrome as my browser. I have used both Disconnect and uBlock origin. I am currently only using uBlock origin.

I am wanting to learn more about the differences between an ad blocker and a tracking blocker.

I posted this on a different website forum. I did get a few answers but all my questions were not answered. Maybe this forum will do better answering.

I have a few questions about ad blockers and software that blocks tracking such as Ghostery, Disconnet, and Privacy Badger.

Please answer any or all of the questions.
  • What does uBlock origin do that Disconnect or other tracking blockers do not do?
  • What do tracking blockers do that uBlock origin do do not do?
  • Which settings if any besides the default settings in uBlock origin be checked/used?
  • Should both an ad blocker and tracking blocker be used at the same time? If not does an ad blocker or tracking blocker offer more?
  • Which ad blocker or tracking blocker do you suggest using and why?
  • Any articles or posts you know of that would help me to learn more?
  • Is using Windows Defender Browser Protection a good idea? If so do I need to also use an ad blocker or tracking blocker? What does Defender do that an ad blocker or tracking blocker not do?
Thanks for your help.


Forum Regular
PCHF Advisor
PCHF Member
Oct 8, 2017
Yeppoon, QLD, Australia.
not only do your questions require a lengthy answer but more importantly, are subjective and everyone will have their own spin on it all.
your PC protection and the security layers you put in place need to be investigated for the ones that best suit you.

for example, I only use Windows Defender, MB3 Pro, uBlock Origin and the MVPS modified HOSTS file and find it's all I need.

all I would suggest is you Google the crap out of it all and base your setup on those findings. :)


PCHF Manager
PCHF Manager
PCHF Donator
Jul 21, 2016
I use in Chrome ABP,Ghostery,HTTPs Everywhere,UBlock. As far as "the differences between an ad blocker and a tracking blocker " there's your explanation for those right there. Now even with Ghostery and with the other ad blockers when i run my software to check on what is adware and or those tracking ad's on my pc , my scans still find some. You have to remember the browsers you are using are making money with those ad's and trackers,so they are motivated to have work arounds.
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