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Information [Prework] Please Read Before Posting

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Welcome to the PCHF Malware Removal Forums

Please review the PCHF Security team Disclaimer prior to beginning your adventure through malware removal.
Additionally, please read the Security Forum Guidelines before posting.

Please follow these instructions in order, and thoroughly, to allow our Security Team to quickly assist you.

Please be sure not to do any confidential business such as banking, shopping, or browsing on your computer while infected. Malware has the potential to compromise the security of your personal information when working on the Internet.

If you have access to a clean PC, you might consider changing passwords at any financial, social and personal online sites that you typically accessed from the infected PC.

Index (click on each link to take you to a section of the Prework):

Instructions Part 1 Diagnostic Scan With FRST
Extra Notes
P2P (Person To Person) File Sharing Programs
What to Remember When Posting
Disclaimer and Final Notes

Please do not follow any instructions from any user or staff member other than those in the Please Read Before Following Advice thread.

When your thread has been replied to by a member of the Security Team, it will be tagged as In Progress. If more than 48 hours has elapsed since a member of the Security Team has responded to your thread feel free to send them a Private Conversation.

Subsequently it will be tagged as Solved once the all-clear is given.

Our Security Team will take the time and effort to assist you according to your technical abilities. Please ask for any clarification, guidance or information that you may need. That's why we are here. :)

On that note, we will see you in the Forum :)
The PCHF Security Team

By posting a New Topic requesting malware removal help, you agree to all of the guidelines and important information, and understand the dangers associated with malware removal. By agreeing, you give us consent to be in control over how your system is cleaned, and release PCHF from liability for any possible damage associated with the malware removal.
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Instructions Part 1 Diagnostic Scan With FRST:

Please download the FRST 32 bit or FRST 64bit version to suit your operating system. It is important FRST is downloaded to your desktop.

If you are unsure if your operating system is 32 or 64 Bit please go HERE.
Once downloaded right click the FRST desktop icon and select "Run as administrator" from the menu"
If you receive any security warnings, or the User Account Control warning opens at any time whilst using FRST you can safely allow FRST to proceed.
FRST will open with two dialogue boxes, accept the disclaimer.
frst disclaimer.jpg

  1. Accept the default whitelist options,
  2. If the additions.txt options box is not checked please select it.
  3. Then select Scan
Frst will take a few minutes to scan your computer, and when finished will produce two log files on your desktop, FRST.txt, and Addition.txt. They will display immediately on the desktop, but can be reopened later as a notepad file.

Please Copy and Paste the contents of these logs in your next post for review by our Security Team
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Extra Notes:

Please note:
It is common for a computer to appear free from malware even when the malware has not been completely removed. Although your computer appears to be clean after following the Prework, to avoid further problems, and possible re-infection, please post the requested logs in order to have a Security Expert verify that all traces are removed.

Each set of instructions is specifically tailored to the user that has posted with the issues. Following the instructions posted to another user when you yourself are infected is inadvisable, and could potentially result in your computer being rendered unbootable. If you think you are infected please do not hesitate to post.
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P2P (Person To Person) File Sharing Programs:

As long as you have any P2P/cracked/warez program(s) installed, as per the PCHF Rules, PCHF Security Experts will not be able to offer you assistance.

Please remove any and all P2P Clients, etc. before proceeding. In the case of your operating system, please obtain a valid licensed copy before requesting assistance.

Should you encounter any issues when running any of these programs please make a note of it and move on to the next step. Once you're done and ready to post, please let us know of any of these types of issues.
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What to Remember When Posting:

When posting a new thread for the PCHF Security team please observe the following:

We require all logs to be pasted in the post rather than attached.

Describe your issue/problem in as much detail as you can. We can't and won't second guess as to what your issue(s) may be. Please provide as much detail as possible, including virus/Trojan/worm names and locations if available. The more information you can give us the better we can help :)
  • Post the logs that we've specifically requested for you to.
  • Do NOT post other softwares logs unless we've asked you to
  • Do NOT remove the headers from any of the logs. They contain important information for our Security Team.
  • Do NOT Private Message the Expert unless asked to do so.
  • Do NOT alter the logs in any way. Doing so will halt your removal process until we receive an unaltered log. If you continue to alter logs, we may cease to further assist you.
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Disclaimer and Final Notes:

PCHF shall not be held liable for any issues resulting from the following: direct ,indirect, incidental, special, consequential, or exemplary damages.

Security staff are the only users whom you will receive any trusted advice on fixing your computer.

By starting a new topic, you agree to the disclaimer and are aware of the risks involved in malware removal.
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