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Previously posted on Windows 10 forum - I need help again and this seems the more appropriate place

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I previously posted:

Hello. I have had my PC now for around six months, a friend built my PC for me from the parts I ordered online.

'Up until around three weeks ago everything was going well, it ran all the games I couldn't run but wanted to before on my older PC.

Here is my Speccy: http://speccy.piriform.com/results/OSWSols5uPancSlEuH4dlH5

I have ran into an issue when running the majority of my games, my PC will do one of the following things after around five minutes:

A: The screen will go black, I can still hear my games running in the background, but the screen will go black and the fans in my case will enter 'overdrive' almost, becoming really loud, or alternatively it may be my GPU fans kicking in, I am not too sure.

B: The entire PC will reboot, reloading with my login screen being a very strange resolution and grey in colour. after exactly two restarts without fail each time, the grey screen disappears and the resolution returns to normal.

At first I thought it was maybe to do with graphics drivers - I have uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them, and it has made no difference. I then thought perhaps it was because my hardware was getting too hot, whilst running games I checked the temperature, my GPU would reach 67 and my CPU hottest was around the 57 mark.

I then looked at system information, I noticed it said:
'System Directory C:\WINDOWS\system32'

From this I assumed that I was running a 32 bit system, however after running Speccy it tells me that I am running a 64bit operating system - I then concluded that it was not because I am attempting to run games meant for a 64 bit operating system on a 32bit operating system.

I have ran a memory diagnosis on my PC, the results came back and it said that there were no issues found.

I have scanned for viruses, nothing was found.

I have changed the power management settings to balanced just to see if it was something to do with me choosing the 'better performance' - it is still doing it.

I am going around in circles, my friend who built my PC has no idea what is wrong - and thus, I have no idea what is wrong.

Any help is appreciated, I spent a lot of money on this PC just so I could play the games I never could, and so I could play any newer games that may could out that I would want to play.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Caesar W'

I have since changed by the recommendation from Phillpower2 my power management to balanced, after a couple of hours it again reset. The most recent reset around an hour ago caused a reboot, however the back case fan and the CPU fan stopped working. I then decided to open my case up, I found no issues inside in terms of loose wires etc. I then noticed that my case fans which are directly connected to my PSU were still running after the reboot - could it potentially be a problem with the motherboard?

Again tempratures are fine whilst running the games before they shut off - some games such as State of Decay 2 only take minutes for it to reboot, whereas some other games like BeamNG Drive can be up to half an hour.

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.
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