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Information Posting Instructions: Am I Infected?

Not open for further replies.


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Jan 10, 2015
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Contrary to the Malware Removal section of the forums, this is an open area where you can assist other members with questions or issues. As such, any advice given is subject to modification or removal by the moderating team.

We appreciate the fact that you are trying to help others with your advice, but we require that this advice be kept general and minimally invasive. Preliminary scans, active scans and non-malware related tools are allowed to be used here, along with advice for anti-virus and other protection programs. Modification of OS settings and general tweaks to resolve problems is allowed, but advice for the removal of any files, folders or programs is not permitted.

Posting instructions for use of the following is not permitted in this area, or any other area of the forums, except when authorized by a Security Team member, Administrator, or myself:
  • ComboFix instructions or discussion
  • FRST instructions
  • AdwCleaner instruction
  • Zoek instructions or discussion
  • Manual Rootkit Removal
  • Use of Registry Cleaners
  • Advanced Registry fixes
  • Batch files or custom scripts
Note: This list is a WIP and may be modified at any time. Most of these tools require guidance and supervision by experts trained in their use.

Why do we enforce this policy?

Failure to follow proper removal procedure of malware will cause serious damage to a machine making recovery difficult, if not impossible.
Not open for further replies.