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Information PCHF 2019 Update


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Jan 10, 2015
PCHF Bunker
Hey all. A big update has come to PCHF :)

I hope you all are having a great start to 2019, as we near March.

A couple big changes to PCHF are the following:

  • Push notifications are now enabled globally! You now have the choice to be informed of replies to your thread, PMs, etc in real time. Whenever you receive a reply to your thread, a push alert will be sent out to your mobile device + computer browser. All you have to do is sign into PCHF on your mobile device and accept Push Notifications. That's it! :giggle:
  • You know have the ability to enable Authy 2FA through push approval or denial. You now longer have to enter a code, rather click "Yes" or "No" when you receive the prompt :)
  • Reactions to messages have now changed to include different emotions. Now note this is not my choice, this is purely something that is hard-coded into our software.
  • The PCHF editor (what you use to create a thread, reply, etc) has been revamped and bugs have been squashed.
  • Lots of other things :)
Please feel free to explore what PCHF now has to offer you, and for those that I haven't said this to, welcome home :thumbsup:
I am imagining this or wasn't there a way, before these PCHF Editor changes, to edit a new post just made, before anyone replies to it, to correct mistakes in the post?