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Solved PC softwar crashing help

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im new to pc gaming and ive recently bought this pc https://www.newegg.com/ibuypower-slatemr293i/p/N82E16883227993. The pc works fine if im just using it for school, but if i run any games for a little too long than it will crash my pc and reboot it. the image attach is what happens when its crashes than it just restarts the whole computer like nothing happened. any ideas how to fix this?


  • crashimage.jpg
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Support Team
Sep 9, 2016
The GPU is artifacting and that is typical behaviour of a GPU overheating or likewise a weak PSU that can't provide the power that a GPU needs, this also causes the PSU to overheat internally.

You must contact Newegg customer care and have them sort this, you have paid for a warranty so don't void it by poking around inside the case.
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