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PC shows display at one place, but I take it home and I can't get a display

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I had a PC repairman look at my PC since I couldn't get a display at all for it. Apparently my build was fine and actually showed a display on his monitor.

But I brought my PC home and tried to plug everything in, but I had the same problem as before.

I tried to get a display on my new monitor that I bought for the PC, my old monitor for my current PC, and my TV. None of them showed a display for me.

I know it's not the cable because I tested the cable on my Roku and got a display no problem.

It's not the monitor, not the cables, and my PC actually DID show a display at the PC repairman's house. It's just that it won't display here.

I'm honestly at a loss. This has made PC building a nightmare for me.
I had something very similar once.

at one place, PC wouldn't start, took it to my place, no problems.
took it back, no go, brought it back to mine, all good.
as weird as this is, problem was traced to his keyboard. unplugged it and PC started at his place just fine.

so all I've got is to unplug everything from the PC - only have the power cable and screen connected and try that. long shot I know but it worked for me once.
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Actually at the other place, I dont think the repairman had all the connectors inside the case actually connected, stuff like the HD audio connector and USBs and stuff. I'll unplug it all tomorrow and give it a try and report back
even without an OS (psst... might want to lead with that little tit-bit next time:giggle:) the screen should still show the BIOS info -things like 'Press Del for setup', BIOS manufacturer, and other things.
are you getting any text on the screen?
without an OS, you should at least get 'boot device not found' sort of messages.

once the repair shop noticed you had no OS installed on the hard drive, they probably used a USB stick with a Linux distro on it to get it started and to test it.

any reason you haven't installed Windows yet?
Well the repairman is more of a hobbyist, since all PC repair places in my area are closed right now due to the pandemic. I was there, and all we did after installing the CPU and plug the needed cables in, he just connected it to a monitor via HDMI and it the bootup showed. We just left it at that because I know how to do the setup so I told him I'd do it at home since he had to leave soon. However when I got home and connected it to the HDMI i was getting "No Signal" again on all three monitors I tried it on.

I haven't installed Windows yet because I can't even get a display to begin with. I will install Windows as soon as I can get a display.
Still same result.

My new monitor just came in, and this one has displayport. I'll try it out the first chance I get. Honestly I'm expecting the same result but its worth a try
Please provide information about your computer, is it a custom build or brand name such as Dell or HP, if a brand name, provide the model name or series number (not serial) if a custom build post the brand and model name or number for the CPU, MB, the RAM (including the amount) add on video card if one is used and the PSU (power supply unit) providing these details will enable folk to better assist you.
CPU: AMD Ryzen 3600
Motherboard: Asus Prime X570-Pro
The CPU that you have does not provide the video that the ports on your MB rely on which explains that part of the problem.

We now have a reverse procedure, make sure that you are connecting the screen to the GPU and not the MB, make sure that you have a keyboard connected and that the 8 pin power supply from the PSU to the GPU is connected and last but not least, only connect the one screen at a time while you troubleshoot.

NB: Is the RAM a single 16GB stick or two 8GB sticks, do let us know but in addition to the above, if still no signal, try swapping the RAM around the slots.
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